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The 20 Best Small Towns to Celebrate the Fourth of July in This Summer

Fourth of July celebrations are arguably the best part of Summer. They involve hot dogs, fireworks, ice cream, swimming, and picnics, so really, what’s not to love? And figuring out exactly where to celebrate the holiday is crucial. Big city celebrations are great and all (also crowded), but some events are better enjoyed on a smaller scale. Small town USA means charming traditions, quaint streets, friendly people, and lots of space to spread out and enjoy. The events almost always include a main street parade and fireworks, but most of…

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Raise the Woof! 50+ Pet Travel Products That Make Summer Vacations a Lot Easier

Traveling is one of the best gifts to give yourself, and with the dog days of Summer in paw’s reach, the vacation destinations and nearby getaways are endless. As wonderful as weekend trips and extended breaks are, I think we can agree, it’s just not the same without furry friends by our side. If you spend your family vacation worried about your dog or cat or if the car feels like a zoo with your animal in the back, then we have some products that will ease pet-related stress for…

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