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EASY VEGAN SNACKS » for after school & work (rice cakes part 1)

I’m Satya,  Welcome.  Do you ever get a solid case of the snack attack?  I definitely get it every once in a while, wondering what should I be having for a snack.  Well, don’t worry I’ve got you covered with these 25 different Easy Vegan Snack ideas and the theme is rice cakes.  In fact, I have so many different ideas I want to share with you that I split this video up into two separate videos.  The one you’re watching right now is for those of you with a sweet tooth, these are more of the desert style snack ideas.  In the next video, I’ll share with you the more savory meal like rice cakes.  By the way, keep your eyes open for this little recipe alert sign if you see it, it means the recipe is already up on the pickuplines vlog so the link can be found in the description box just down below all right I’m hungry let’s get snacking you .

I bet you never thought you could enjoy rice cakes in so many different ways but I still have 13 different ways I want to share with you.  Let’s be honest about one thing the reason I chose rice cakes is because they’re crunchy and I appreciate that, but they’re also tasteless.   I kind of use it as a carrying device for all the goodness that comes on top of it.  Of course you can substitute it for a slice of bread instead if you’d like and then use this as inspiration for different sandwich ideas or lunch ideas.

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