Arm and Shoulder Workouts 



WANT A LARGER BOOTY AND TONED SEXY ARMS? WELL YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! In this video we are showing you all how to build your booty as well as tone your arms and build muscle to get sexy arms and a juicy booty! Hope you all enjoy this video and find it helpful!! Thanks for watching! LOVE YA -Ashley & Allie MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: AshleyForeal Music Channel: Business Contact: FOLLOW MY SIS ALLIE: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: allieforeal Allies Channel: LATEST VIDEOS HOW TO GET A FLAT TUMMY! EASY WORKOUTS FOR A SMALLER WAIST AND ABS! THE LONG ROMANTIC KISS | KISSING FAILS| STORYTIME OFF AT VICTORIAS SECRET??!! TASTING 20 WEIRD PRINGLES FLAVORS BLINDFOLDED HOW TO GET CURLS LIKE A VICTORIAS SECRET ANGEL AMERICANS TRY WEIRD JAPANESE SNACKS 7 Years Lukas Graham Cover: I AM PSYCHIC: I DATED A FIANCE?! DIY KARDASHIAN COOKIE JARS: TWIN TAG! BATH AND BODY WORKS HAUL WITH ADDICTED2TOOFACED Click to watch vlogmas day 1 On Addicted2Toofaced channel!… VLogmas day 2:… Vlogmas day 3… Vlogmas day 4:… Vlogmas Day 5:… Vlogmas day 6:… Vlogmas day 7:… VLOGMAS DAY 8 GETTING A BIGGER BUTT!… VLOGMAS DAY 9 ALMOST GOT HIT BY A CAR!… VLOGMAS DAY 10 HOW TO GET SEXY TONED ARMS!… VLOGMAS DAY 11 CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING:… VLOGMAS DAY 12 HOW NOT TO DIE:… VLOGMAS DAY 13 HANGIN WITH SANTA!… VLOGMAS DAY 14 EAR PIERCING FAIL:… VLOGMAS DAY 15 Naked at a hawks game?!?… VLOGMAS DAY 16 GET TWERK READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS! HELLO – ADELE Music video!… Watch my last videos: -LUSH HAUL:… -OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE:… Biggest Bath and Body works Haul EVER!… -How to whip and nae nae:… -TARGET HAUL:… -ORIGINAL KYLIE JENNER LIP CHALLENGE:… Check out my High School Makeup Tutorial! HOW TO LOOK CUE TWIN TAG BIGGEST BATH AND BODY WORKS HAUL EVER KARDASHIAN COOKIE JARS I dated a fiance storytime pringles challenge americans try weird japanese snacks Grow a booty butt workouts for a bigger butt leg day squats arm workouts get sexy toned arms how to loose weight fat skinny

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