Beginner HIIT Full Body Workout Strength & Cardio & Weight Loss

This workout is great for beginners who are looking to increase strength, cardiovascular capacity and endurance, increase metabolism and improve fat loss. It is great for weight loss. Short workouts that ise intervals of intense work and intervals of rest have been proven effective for continuous weight loss throughout the day, building strength, fat loss and improving endurance. Expect to work on building leg and glute strength with squats and lunge variations. Glutes and quads burn with the lunge intervals. Obliques with side crunches which are also great for building abdominal definition and strength. Waist trimmers! Upper body strength with push-ups. The workout is short and effective! Have fun and repeat it a few times a week until you are ready to do one of my other HIIT sessions. My beginner course Part 1 Month 1 ♥ MY WEBSITE & Membership : 400+ Full length classes never seen on Youtube. Weekly new classes and schedules. ___ ♥ INSTAGRAM: @ali.kamenova ♥ My Pregnancy Diet, Yoga and Workout Program FULL 9 MONTHS ♥ NEWSLETTER, BLOG: (I don’t send a lot of updates and absolutely zero spam) ♥ My Detox ♥ FACEBOOK: ♥ SECOND CHANNEL ♥ PATREON: __ ♥ For contacts, inquiries ♥♥♥Support Group ♥ VLOGGING CAMERA I use ♥ Yoga Classes Camera I use ♥♥♥♥ Interval yoga 12 WEEK BEGINNER YOGA COURSE ON USB Thank you for watching, liking, commenting! Love Ali

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