Beginner Thigh Workout (FOR INNER AND OUTER THIGHS!!)

The best beginner thigh workout can be found in our 90 day fitness system

This beginner thigh workout is perfect for inner and outer thighs. It contains beginner thigh exercises that anyone should be able to do with a few common pieces of equipment at home. These beginner leg exercises should allow you to build up strength to prepare you for more advanced leg workouts. Although there are only 3 beginner legs exercises, this really counts as a complete beginner butt and thigh workout because you will feel like you worked hard at the end! If you are looking for a more complete 30 minute thigh workout for beginners, check out our Athlean-XX for Women program

Take it slow with these beginner thigh exercises. Start with just 10 reps if you are really a beginner and work up to doing 15 reps of each of these thigh exercises for beginners. As you get stronger, work your way up to doing the entire beginner leg workout 2 to 3 times through. Here are the leg exercises for beginners that are contained in this workout.

1) Wall Ball Squats
2) Plie Squats
3) Single Leg Lunge

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