Burpees for Beginners: How to do a Burpee

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The burpee may look like an intimidating exercise, but we’re going to break it down for you and show you an easy way to get started doing burpees.

The burpee is a great exercise because it combines movements that will help strengthen your upper body as well as you legs, and it also has a cardio element. That’s a lot of exercise areas all wrapped into one!

If you can’t do a burpee yet, or haven’t tried, take a look at this video and try out the beginner version of the burpee first. Once you’ve mastered that version you can add in the push-up and the jump to do a full burpee.

Once you’ve mastered the burpee, try this Two-Minute Burpee Challenge: youtu.be/fpUbAQyuZQ4

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