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5 Minute Butt Firming Workout

5 Minute Butt Firming Workout

See Max Results With A Butt Busting Workout in 5 Minutes Per Day, 3-5 Times Weekly. These Workouts Benefit Legs, Thighs, Glues, Butt, Knees, Joints, Calfs & Angle, Results To Better Posture, Movement, Strength, Agility and Satisfaction. These Exercises Can Be Performed In A Gym, At Home, Outdoors, At A Beach Or Any Other Preferred Location. If You’re New To Exercising, Please Contact A Physician Prior To Attempting These Exercises.

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Workouts Include:
1. Curtsey Lunges
2. Squat Pulse Jump
3. Fire Hydrant & Donkey Kick
4. Glutes Bridges
5. Lying Side Leg Raises

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