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50 Bridge Challenge [Effective Butt Workout At Home]

50 Bridge Challenge [Effective Butt Workout At Home]

Bridge Challenge

Welcome to the one of the most effective butt exercises out there! The Bridge works your glutes and your hips and is ideally suited to be performed at home! It also helps if you’re squeezing your butt while performing this exercise.

This video works well as a Bridge counter, i.e. an effective way to count down your bridge repetitions!

Good luck and let me know in the comments below if you managed to perform the whole challenge!

P.S. While this exercises targets mainly the buttocks area, you can also feel a little burn in your hamstrings and that’s fine – every fitness exercise involves more than one muscle group, but it’s important to know which group is the most predominant, whether you’re performing this exercise at home or in the gym!


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