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GROW YOUR GLUTES | 4 Targeted Butt Exercises

GROW YOUR GLUTES | 4 Targeted Butt Exercises

Today we’re going to be going through a ‘GROW YOUR GLUTES’ glute gaining circuit, which is going to focus on all aspects of the glute muscles. We have 4 targeted butt exercises we’re going to go through. They are all focused on the glute muscles, which we all know is the huge area everybody wants to work.

What I love about these different exercises is they’re hitting all different areas of the muscles. We’re not just staying here and in front, but we’re going to be going off to the side, doing laterals, other ranges of motion. It’s always good to do that. You don’t always want to keep your feet
and body in the same position.

We are going to start out with a barbell front squat. What’s going to be different on this one, and that I’ve noticed lately is I prefer doing the wider stance with the feet slightlyrotated out. So, your feet are going to be wider than shoulder width apart and you’re going to have about a 45 degree on that rotation with your feet. I find you can get into a deeper squat. I actually have a lot of ankle mobility issues from years of gymnastics. So, I have a hard time with the traditional squat here, unless I’ve raised my ankles. That will get me into a lower squat.

We’re going to bring the bar up, right up above our chest area. We’re going to hold that nice, and close to our body. Our feet are going to be nice, and wide, slightly rotated out. My abs are engaged, my head and chest are
going to stay up as I go down. I’m going to lower down, and back up. I’m probably going a little lower than 90 degrees but that’s good because I really feel my glutes fully engaged at the bottom. That’s what’s pretty much doing all the work. Really focusing on that area of my body. I’m not letting my hamstrings do all of the work.

If you want good glutes you have to have good hamstrings. So, it’s really hitting both of those areas nicely. Anywhere from 8 to 10. We want to go lower reps, high weight because we’re looking to build the muscle. So, we want to go a little bit heavier.

Next, we’re going to go into a pulsing lateral lunge. I’m going to take my dumbbell, hold it close to my body like I did with the barbell. You’re going to take a deep step out, and do a slight pulse, and back to start. My head and chest are staying up. I’m going down as low as I can, pulsing, back to start. I’m thinking about kicking my backside out. I’ll go here. See how I’m really kicking that backside out? Just a little pulse at the bottom. It doesn’t have to be anything super high, or hard. Just a little bit of a pulse. Try to go a bit heavier with the weight there.  8 to 10, 12 reps max. Low box step-ups. These have been one of my recent new favorites.

kettlebell exercises

With this next one you’re going to start up on your box. You’re going to take a step back, and the key with this one is, you’re going in an extended range of motion. You’re going to get that knee as close to the ground as possible. You’re going to drive through that heel. I’m going as low as I can, and then coming up a little bit slower. You don’t push with your back leg. That negates what we’re doing here. You’re going back, touching, and then let that front leg – that workhorse – do the work. Pushing through my heel without leaning forward, keeping my body straight. I’m pressing up really good. 8 to 10, 12 max depending on your weight. The final. For these you can use – I have a resistant band here. It’s fairly thin. You can use two bands for more resistance,

The build assisted pistol squat. With these what I do is, whatever leg I’m
going to do my pistol squat on, I hold with the opposite arm. I want to have that hold on the opposite side. I don’t want to do everything on one side. My foot is planted, my heel is firmly in the ground. I’m going to think about dropping down. Hold for a second, driving through the back of my heel. I’m using this a little bit, but I’m trying not to let it give me too much help. There’s one area right there where I need it and then other times I try to let it go, where I’m really trying to make my body work on its own. And up. And up. Then we want to make sure we do the other leg. This leg, for me, I’m a little tight through this hip. So, it can be a little tougher, but we always
want to keep working both sides, even if we have any kind of muscle imbalance.

This is a great glute workout.  We’re going to go heavier because the heavier weight we go the more we’re breaking that muscle down, we’re building it back up. That is the key. Thanks for joining me today, you guys. Enjoy that workout. I hope you use some of these in your workouts. Either at home, or in the gym.

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