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How to Booty Pop/Twerk Workout (by Keaira LaShae)

How to Booty Pop/Twerk Workout (by Keaira LaShae)

This is a Pop That Twerk Workout. Make sure to drink a ton of water because this workout is a BEAST!!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!
Thanks to @Drodriguez3707 for being a part of this workout!!!!!

Ready to shake what your mama gave you on the dance floor, but not sure how to make it pop? Booty popping, also known as twerking, is one of the most popular dance moves right now. In fact, “how to twerk” was the one of the most googled tutorials in 2014 and so far, this dance trend shows no signs of fading away.[1] Not only is booty popping fun and sexy, it will also give your legs and butt a real work out. Once you master the basic twerk, try some other variations so you can twerk it up like a pro the next time you find yourself on the dance floor.

Just like any dance move, your body will likely move differently than other people’s bodies, so don’t be too concerned about looking exactly like everyone else booty popping on the dance floor. Focus on getting comfortable with the way your body moves and don’t be afraid to make the booty pop your own by moving your hands or flipping your hair around. Have fun and enjoy yourself!


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