Butt Workouts 

How to Get A Bigger Butt | My Top 5 Exercises

The before and after shown in my thumbnail is a 5 month difference. It takes a lot of time, patience, and consistency in order to grow the glutes naturally! If you are interested in quick tips and tricks to make your butt look better, then this is NOT the video for you. I am just discussing my fave exercises and how eating a balanced diet will help give you a naturally bigger butt. ————— FOLLOW ME Instagram: StephiNguyen Snapchat: StephhNguyennn Business Inquiries: StephiNguyenMua@gmail.com ————— OTHER VIDEOS YOU MAY WANT TO WATCH DEAD SEA MUD MASK REVIEW https://youtu.be/vev3mTdSJmc BACK TO SCHOOL MAKEUP https://youtu.be/BDqRnVhOS6o KYLIE LIPKITS REAL VS FAKE

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