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How To Grow Your Butt WITHOUT Getting Thicker Thighs (GLUTE ISOLATION WORKOUT!!)

How To Grow Your Butt WITHOUT Getting Thicker Thighs

Hi, ladies! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women,
and today we’re going to discuss, and do, how to grow your but without growing your legs. Check it out! Let’s get going!

All right, so let’s make one thing clear here. It is very, very, very, very difficult to increase the size of your glutes without increasing the size of your quads. Genetics play a huge part in it. It’s also how you train, but it’s also – the power comes from your legs when you’re squatting, when you’re doing hip thrusts, when you’re doing dead lifts. A lot of exercises, the thighs, the quads, the hamstrings are working.

So if you want to have really, really thin, and slim legs, but a bigger butt; well, there are these things called butt implants. But that’s a different topic. Today we’re going to show you some of the exercises that reduce how much legs are put into growing the glutes. So a few of my favorites, I am quad dominant so I definitely have to use these exercise. So coming from someone who knows that trying to increase glutes with removing quads; I’ve done my research.

So the first one is dead lifts. Those are excellent ones that really don’t
use – they use the hamstrings – but they don’t use the quad, other than for stabilization. So dead lifts here are excellent. Especially when you have that mind-muscle connection.  That’s a huge one. Mind-muscle connection. Thinking about squeezing the glute, no matter how light it is, no matter how heavy it is. It’s all about concentrating on squeezing the large butt muscle at the top. So I’m going to keep these as one of my top exercises for using the glutes, and removing some of the thigh. Some days I do heavy and go about reps of eight. Some days I’ll go lighter and really focus
on the squeeze and get up to 30 reps. I have particular days of strategy. I’m really squeezing the glutes together at the top. My back is flat. That’s a great exercise to start with. Then I’m going to enter into some resistant
bands. I love resistant bands. They really help increase the blood flow into
the glute area, and minimize a lot of quad activation.  I’m going to do froggy walks. I’m going to start back, I’m going to walk forward, and I’m going to walk backward, staying nice, and low.

I’m using my outer glutes here, and I’m walking forward, stepping with the heel, and then you want to reverse walk back. When you step back, toe to heel, you’re going to feel that glute pinch, and you should feel it burn. Literally, you just keep going until you feel the burn and you cannot move anymore. Walk it forward. Stay low the whole time, and walk back. I’m keeping the band tight the whole time, and I have two bands. I’m really focusing though. I’m using my glute. I’m using my glute. Step back, squeeze. Step back, squeeze. Work on mind-muscle and you will get so much better of a workout.

Some of the best exercises – like squats, and lunges, and hip thrusts – you’re still activating the quad. But you can remove it and reduce it as much as possible by being creative, and using some of these exercises, too. Work hard, train hard, trial and error. That’s what I’ve done as well and do your own research. Try your own things. Try something for four weeks. See how it’s worked for you.

Everything is not ‘one size fits all’, right? So trial and error. Train hard. Thumbs up. Let us know how you guys are doing, how these
are working for you. Check out ATHLEANXX for Women for more exercises
just like these. Thanks for joining me, I’m Amy Jo. We’ll see you next time..

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