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Day EIGHTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 ๐Ÿ˜… 31 Day Workout Challenge

Weight Loss for Women over 50

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla B from It’s day 18 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series. I’ve got a great bodyweight
abs workout for us. There is absolutely no jumping today. There are no transitions to the ground and no equipment needed. So when you’re ready for
this one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go! (cheerful music) All right you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving. And that means that we’re gonna start with our normal warmups like we do. We’re doing arm circles with high knees. I feel like you know this by now. But I still feel like
I need to introduce it, like, here we go, we’re doing the warmup.

Because just in case randomly you are here on day 18, and this is the
first time we’ve ever met, hi, I’m Pahla B. And I’m so glad you’re here
and these are the warmups that we do. We always start with arm
circles and high knees because I tell you what. (exhales) As soon as I do that first arm circle, that first high knee, my brain and my body know what’s coming today.

Even if this is a very
different kind of a work out than you’ve ever done before, you might have listened
to that intro and thought, “What exactly is a MetCon?” Well my friends, MetCon
actually is just short for metabolic conditioning. Which is actually just a fancy way of saying total body workout with cardio and strength and very little rest. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers with booty kickers. You know we fitness trainers,
we really like to just, we like to have our acronyms. We like to have our vernacular,
our way of saying things. But truly, this workout today, we are targeting the
abs very specifically. But we’re targeting them
by doing both cardio and bodyweight strength. So we’re not picking up anything
heavy except our own self. We are, we are working on balance today.

But here’s the thing about
doing an ab specific workout. We have done them before,
we’ve talked about abs. How it’s not necessarily the
best way to lose belly fat. But it is a great way to strengthen and shape your midsection. You guys, everything that
we do comes from our middle. Our middle is the middle
of all of our fitness. It is so important to
be able to think about, identify, find, and feel
your abdominal muscles. Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes. Now I know that it’s really
easy to feel your abs when we’re doing crunches, you know. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we do not get down on
the ground and do crunches during this weight loss series.

Because you don’t have to. But here’s what I’m gonna tell you. Even while we’re moving fast today. And while we’re moving slow today, be thinking about how your abs feel. Be thinking about specifically
using them for the movements. Now here’s what it looks like, I’ve got my handy dandy Gymboss here set for 30 second intervals. None of those is rest, like I said, this is a total body workout
with cardio and strength and very little rest. Or in our case, absolutely none. So we’re gonna get started
with 30 seconds of cardio.

Doing something that I call twisting Ys. And what that means is we’re gonna form the letter Y with our body. Both hands up and out a little bit. Feet together and legs straight. We’re gonna reach one opposite hand down towards our opposite,
I’m gonna say your knee. You might be able to get
lower, but you might be able, just need to stay higher too. The point is the twist and
keeping your hands up for cardio. So here we go. We are twisting that letter Y. Oh my gosh, do not worry about
trying to touch your toes. Yes, there’s some flexibility
here, but this is cardio. Which means that we’re moving fast while focusing on our abs. When it beeps we’re gonna go directly into our strength portion. And our first exercise is star balance.

We’re gonna stand on one foot
and tip over to one side. And then we’re gonna put that foot down and balance on the other. And tip to the other side. This is strength. Which means that we are
now moving very slowly. Gonna get very few reps
of this strength done. I got this one done first because it’s probably the
hardest balance for me. When it beeps again, we’re
going back to cardio. So again, focusing on abs. Focusing on pulling in
your core, but moving fast. We’re gonna do reach across crunch. Which is just what it sounds like. Gonna reach across in
front of you and then pull that hand up overhead
and down into a crunch.

So reach across crunch. Reach across and crunch. Awesome job. These transitions are pretty quick today. But the intervals are, well
they’re still pretty moderate. Like we do for weight loss,
but they are lengthy enough that you can really
get your heart rate up. You can really think about strength. Because coming up next, we’re
thinking about strength. We’re doing standing cross body crunches.

Which means that we’re gonna
reach our opposite elbow towards our opposite knee. The knee is gonna come up in between. So elbow to knee. And then down. And elbow to knee and down. Hands are just here on your shoulders. Again, this is strength,
so we’re moving slowly. Thinking about balance,
squeezing, squeezing, squeezing from your abs and using your obliques. When it beeps again, there’s
no rest for the wicked, we’re going right back to cardio.

Coming up next, we’re gonna
do punch down tap outs. Which is pretty much
exactly what it sounds like. We’re gonna punch down and tap out. Punch down and tap out. Again, really thinking about that twist. Thinking about pulling in your core and controlling this side to side motion. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna do side bends. Gonna have your feet just
about hip width apart, reach up over your head
while we bend to one side. Making sure that your hips
stay super duper stable throughout the entire motion
so that we are focusing. Here we go. Side bend and pull up. Making sure that your hips stay stable so that your abs and
obliques are doing the work. This is not cardio even
though having that hand up over your head sure
feels like it, doesn’t it? Moving at a pace that works for
you to bring your heart rate down a little bit from that cardio but still focus on the work. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do kick twists.

Again, exactly what it sounds like. You know, I’m not very fancy. Here we go. We’re twisting our upper
bodies while kicking forward. I’m sure there are official
names for most of the exercises that I do. But I gotta be honest
with you, when in doubt, I just call ’em what they look like. When it beeps again,
we’re doing something else that is exactly what it
looks like, knees to elbows.

We’re gonna have our
hands on our shoulders but elbows facing forward. You’re gonna bring up one knee at a time towards its opposite elbow,
squeeze the same elbow, and then down. Okay, this is strength
so we’re moving slower. Squeeze, see if you can touch that knee and that elbow without
curling forward into it. It’s all abs all the time today. And some of these exercises
are not easy because of that. When it beeps again,
we’re doing rainbow kicks. Hands are gonna move up over
your head like a rainbow, one leg at a time is gonna
kick out to the side. So here we go, rainbow kicks. Now this is cardio, so we’re moving fast. But again, because we’re
targeting our abs today, really thinking about bringing
your hands all the way down to your leg. Bringing that leg all
the way up to your hands by squeezing from your abs and obliques. When it beeps again, you
guys, we’re gonna do welcome to my homes, but not welcome to my homes.

We’re gonna keep our feet
together and immobile. And just twist form the torso. So feet are together and immobile. We’re twisting welcome to my home. Oh, but do you feel, oh my
gosh, how different that is? When we do this as a warmup, and we will do it again
probably as a cool down, by moving our legs, we’re really able to stretch the abs rather
than squeezing, contracting, and twisting them like
we are in this exercise. You guys, this was the circuit. When it beeps again, we’re starting again with those twisting Ys. Keep your feet where they are and here we go right back into cardio. Reaching down and even more importantly, twisting across your body my friends. The hallmark of any kind
of standing abs workouts like this is this twisting motion. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do star balance. And I want you to know that
this is an important move. We unconsciously twist, here we go with star balance, quite a bit in our regular lives. And yet, with exercise,
unless you work out with me, we rarely twist.

Truly with exercise, we very frequently go forward and back, up and down. Kind of regular, one plane
of motion type of exercises. Coming up next, we’re doing
that reach across crunch. Going back to cardio after
this slow moving strength. But because our bodies are built to twist, here we go, reach across crunch. Reach across crunch. It is such an important
functional thing to do, to practice that twisting
and crunching motion. When we practice the kinds
of things that we’re doing in every day life, when it beeps again, we’re doing those cross body crunches. Elbow to your knee while
bringing your knee to your elbow. Slow moving strength where we’re twisting and crunching my friends.

When we do, okay I’m thinking about this. Elbow to knee, knee to elbow. When we do functional work
like this, it is preparing us, not just to look amazing,
you know obviously, we’re trying to lose weight. We’re trying to get fit. It’s all good. But we are also preparing
ourselves for every day life. Preparing ourselves to use this balance and this core strength
when we need it in a pinch. When it beeps again, we are
going to do punch down tap outs. Here we go. Thinking about reaching across your body, squeezing, pulling in your
core, keeping your back and spine nice and safe. When it beeps again, going
back to those side bends. Now here is the trick about
doing this much twisting and squeezing and crunching
during any kind of a workout, if you are not familiar
with this kind of work. If you are struggling
to pull in your core, this can actually, here
we go with side bends.

Up overhead, hips are stable. This can actually exacerbate
low back problems. Frequently we get low back pain because our abs aren’t doing the work that they’re supposed to. When your abs are feeling
a little bit lazy, they recruit other muscles
to do the work for them. Usually low back muscles. When it beeps again, we’re
doing those kick twists. Hands about shoulder
height, twisting your torso, kicking forward. If that is the case for
you, if you have a history of low back pain, low back problems. I would like you to think very carefully about your core during this workout and possibly move even slower. We’re already moving pretty moderately because we’re working for weight loss. But if low back pain sometimes
happens to you, my friends, it’s very important that you protect and think about your low back. Here we go with knees to
elbows, elbows are forward. I was thinking so hard about talking to you about low back pain
that I wasn’t paying attention to what was coming next, my friends. Knees to elbows standing
up straight and tall. Reaching that knee across your body, on the same side of your body, and down.

Definitely harder here in round two. And I’ll tell you what, today, we actually have a round three. I don’t often do that, I
prefer a two round workout. But today because we are
doing such focused work, here we are with rainbow kicks. We are doing such focused
work, I wanted you to be able to really get good at these exercises. Make sure that you’re doing
them with excellent form. Even when we move fast,
even when we move slow. We’re always thinking about doing the best movement for our body. Coming up next, those
crazy welcome to my homes where our feet stay stable
but our spine is twisting. Here we go. Welcome, oh my gosh, to my home. This is literally impossible
to do without grunting. Grunting is always encouraged, my friends, it’s optional, but it’s always encouraged. This is the end of round two
and that means woo doggies, that we’re going into round three. Our third and final round. Starting with those twisting Ys. We’re gonna go ahead and
keep our feet together here in the middle, hands
go up, and here we go. Back to cardio.

Wee! Now here’s the thing about
a three round workout. Even though it’s the same
length as our other workouts, we are really, really targeting your abs. We might really, really
slow it down a little bit. And that’s totally okay. When it beeps again,
we’re doing star balance. You know, as I tell you,
every single workout, you never need to keep up with me. If your moderate is
slower than my moderate, here we are with star balance, then go slower. If your moderate is
faster than my moderate, go faster, my friends. Moderate is always,
always, always up to you. And today’s moderate might be different than yesterday’s moderate.

Might be different than
tomorrow’s moderate. Coming up next, we’re doing
that reach across crunch. Every day, every day your
workout has a gift to give you. And some days that gift
feels like tiredness. Some days, here we go
with reach across crunch. Some days that gift feels
like endless energy. You almost, I’m not
gonna say you never know, but it’s hard to predict truly. Take what today has to offer you when it beeps again, we’re
doing cross body crunches, and do your best with today. So we’re gonna have our
hands up on our shoulders reaching that opposite knee
towards your opposite elbow, squeezing and crunching.

And here we go. Opposite knee towards opposite elbow. Oh my gosh, okay. Here in round three, my
balance is definitely suffering and telling me to moderate even more. Not necessarily modify,
just moderate, slow it down, catch my breath, think
about what I’m doing. Pulling in your core, doing your best. When it beeps again, gonna do those punch down tap outs for the
third and final time. Trying so hard, oh my
gosh, trying so hard not to fall out of these poses. And thank goodness I made it
through one more exercise.

And these punch down tap outs,
thinking about that twist. Thinking about it’s very
different when we reach down than when we reach up. Pulling in your core, not
letting your lower back offer to take any of this
work away from your abs. When it beeps again, gonna do side bends. Standing up straight
and tall with your feet about hip width apart. Hips stay very stable. Here we go. Side bend and pull it back up. Catching my breath again,
this isn’t even balance work. But thinking about pulling from my core rather than letting my hips and inner and outer thighs do this work. Because you very easily could. If your hip pops out to the side, your hips are working, not your abs. When it beeps again,
doing those kick twists. Back to cardio. Feeling so good, oh my
gosh, about the work that we are getting done today.

My friends, I know that here on day 18, you’ve heard me say it plenty of times, but I’m gonna tell you again. An efficient and effective
workout like this done at a moderate pace,
is all the work you need. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do those knees to elbows. So hands on your shoulders with your elbows pointing forward. Bringing your knee up across your body and then on the same side of your body.

Okay I’m thinking about this. Across your body, same side
of your body, and down. Wanted to make sure I did not fall before I even got started
on this balance work. This is why we practice our balance. You guys, coming up next,
we’re almost to the end. Coming up next, we’re
doing the rainbow kicks. And that is our final
cardio in our final circuit. Heart rate has definitely
come up at this point. Rainbow kicks, side to side
over the top of your head. Doing such a good, good job.

When it beeps again, finishing
up with those welcome to my homes on the final
circuit, the final exercise. But I know you know we’re not
gonna be finished afterwards. That was funny that that word
finished came out of my mouth, because we will be done after those. Here we go, welcome to my home. And let me tell you right
now, of course there’s no rest before we do our finisher. And it is absolutely gonna be
the hardest thing we do today. One interval on each side, we’re
gonna stand in on one foot, it’s balance work. We’re gonna do something
I call flying fast ups. Which means that you’re
gonna have one foot kicked out behind you and both
hands up over your head. You’re gonna bring your hands
down towards that flying knee.

And that knee up towards
your flying hands. Both hands. Then, after we do that. So here’s what it looks like. Both hands up, hands to your
knees, and then back out to an extension. And then your same elbow and
same knee meeting on the side in an oblique crunch. So flying fast up plus oblique crunch. Fast up, crunch. Fast up, crunch. Tapping your toe down if
you need to, I need to. Help yourself. When it beeps, we’re gonna
flip it right on over, and do this exact same
thing on the other side.

If you have the balance,
you don’t have to tap down, that’s okay. Flying fast up. Oblique crunch. Oh my gosh, as per usual,
I’m here on my stronger leg, and my far more awkward
leg and arm, oh my gosh, trying to do that oblique crunch. Thankfully, this truly
is our very last interval for the entire workout. When it beeps again, it’s
the last time it’s gonna beep in this workout. Oh my goodness, what a
good job you’ve done. Shall we stretch out those abs? Yes we shall. In fact we are gonna start
with those welcome to my homes. I know, I know, here I tell you that I do the same cool down every single time. But sometimes some workouts really demand that we start with a different exercise. And this one definitely did.

Do you feel that beautiful
stretch in your abs? As we open up your
chest, open up your abs, remind all of those muscles
in your trunk and torso that they can go back to
their regular length now. That your heart and
lungs can calm down now. That we have done some
beautiful, beautiful work today. I’m so proud of you. That was a little tricky. You know, here’s the thing, when we’re doing a month
long challenge like this, some of the workouts
are gonna feel harder. Some of the workouts
are gonna feel easier. There’s always going to be enough variety, and hopefully the
variety hits you on a day when you felt good about the challenge. Sometimes we do balance work like this and I don’t feel amazing
about the challenge that I set for myself.

I hope that today felt just right for you. Let’s go ahead and do those
arm circles with some tappers. That feels really nice
to open up my chest, get some nice good deep breaths. This was the magic of MetCon my friends. If you’ve never done one before, well, if you’ve been following
along for all 18 days, you’ve done at least one other one. But if you are not super
familiar with MetCon workouts, you have survived a total body
cardio and strength workout with very little slash no rest. And you did such a great job. Let’s go ahead and do those
arm openers and crossers. Give yourself a big hug. So proud of you, so proud of you. Almost three weeks in my friend. So proud of you. I have an extended cool down here for you on screen up at the top. I know that I do these kind of quickly. It’s enough to cool down,
but maybe not enough to cool down completely. If you’d like to do more,
I have it available to you. On the other side of
the screen is a playlist of all of the 31 workouts
in this month’s series.

Right now, there’s only 18
videos in that playlist. By the end of the month,
there will be all of them for you to do again and again and again. And keep getting weight loss results. Down on the bottom of the
screen, that’s the letter P. And that is an invitation
to go over to Patreon, where a monthly pledge from you helps me make free workouts for all of us. And thank you so much for
your support like that. On the other side of the screen, of course that’s a picture of me because that is a subscribe button. Make sure that you click that and the bell notification
so YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video. Thank you so much for
working out with me today. I’ll see you tomorrow..

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