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How I Lost 15 Pounds | 10 Easy Diet Tips

10 Easy Diet Tips

– Hello My name is Jenn, I can finally share my 10 Easy Diet Tips with you today. How did i lose weight? First I have to tell you honestly I keep dragging and not recording because I know dieting and nutrition has been a controversial topic on the Internet.

I am not a dietitian I just want to share the tips that helped me successfully lose weight.  Everyone’s body is unique.  These methods have helped me lose weight.  Let me start with my physical data.  In 2016, when I was the fattest I have been, 120 pounds In 2017, I was about 100 to 105 pounds.  It took me a whole year. Don’t expect to lose weight overnight, it’s a slow process.  The best advice I can give you is to start today and never look back.

I want to share the 10 tips that helped me to lose weight successfully.  Many of them are common sense.  Sometimes you just need a reminder.  My first suggestion is to

Eat healthy and have fun eating at the same time

Eat a salad at every meal is really unrealistic. Impossible.  We can go out find those healthy (but at the same time You like to eat) meals and keep a journal so you don’t forget.  In recent years I found I love broccoli, green beans, mushrooms and tofu.  Never force yourself to eat kale If you hate it. I never force myself eat those healthy foods I hate Like cucumber or tomato.  I won’t force myself to eat just because they are healthy. I would choose other healthy foods.  Foods that can help me lose weight.  So go out and write a list and stick to it .

The second trick is important

Don’t disturb yourself while eating

I know it’s like a habit to many people, holding freshly cooked food and then turning on the TV or computer.  Turn them off and eat well.  It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize that it is full,  so when you don’t pay attention, you don’t even know you’re full.  I also found that when I watch and eat I will eat a lot and eat quickly.  If you want to lose weight, pay more attention.  How did your body tell you it was full? I always try to reach the “effective point”.  Stop eating because at that time because at that time I was not hungry but not very full Is just in the middle. There seems to be a word in Japanese to describe this but I don’t remember so the “effective point” is me At the time when I tried to stop eating, it really helped me stay in shape.

It’s really hard to find because when the food is tempting you.  You feel like you can’t stop until your stomach is full.  Pay attention to the habit of eating.  This made it easier for me to stay in shape because i didn’t overindulge.

The next method is to

Use smaller plates and bowls

This has been the case since college.  In my cabinet you will find that we have two kinds of plates.  The average size is Ben’s,  the little one is mine.  When my plate is bigger I always want to fill it.  But with a small one, I can still eat a lot, but the portion is just right.

Find/Get a kettle/Hydroflask

I think drinking water is one of the most common diet control tips but the effect is really obvious.   My own kettle has a straw.  I drink one day. This way I can drink three or four glasses a day and keep my body hydrated.  When you really want to eat, it’s usually because you are dehydrated or lonely in your mouth.  So every time I want something to eat, like fries or something,  I will sip half a glass of water, and wait another 15 minutes. If i’m still hungry, I’ll Just have a snack.   Usually after I finish drinking I’m not hungry, and  I can wait until the meal.  I should also mention that I don’t drink juice, soda or milk.  Drinking coffee without milk and sugar is my usual choice.  My favorite soda, La Croix is ​​super delicious.  0 calories back to you if you need some carbonation.

The fifth secret is

Eat on Time

I feel like my body is programmed to be hungry as soon as I wake up.  That’s why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It stimulates the metabolism of the new day and I also noticed that if I don’t have breakfast, the next meal I will be very hungry,  and stupid overeating.  When your body is not very hungry, it’s easier to make good choices. Personally, I have three meals a day.  I know some people like it divided into four or five small meals.  I always think about what to eat.

I still like the simple morning, middle and evening schedule.  Breakfast with soda, bean toast and egg rolls.  Lunch is a sandwich burger or something like that.  I’m a bit stricter for dinner.  My dinner does not contain a bit of carbohydrate.  No spaghetti,  Fried rice, no carbs.  I might just make some vegetables and protein for dinner.  Then for breakfast the next day and add carbohydrates.

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Next tip is Snacks

I never store snacks at home because if I have snacks, I will eat them.  Cheeto fries and potato chips seem to be calling me.  So I have to get rid of all the temptations.  If I really really want to eat,  I’ll get out and buy it.


I exercise about three to five times a week. At the beginning I planned to do it every Friday and combine everything I said before This effect is super significant The first two months I lost a lot of weight I know eight points on diet and two points on exercise But for these two points Still very helpful Especially when you combine diet and exercise. Find what you least hate,  Taekwondo, Pilates, swimming Anything works.

Above are my 10 tips for losing weight.  The first month is really the hardest and the strong survive.  After that, it ’s a lot easier.  Especially when you see changes in your body.  It feels like the pants are getting looser These changes give you more confidence. If you are on your diet or encourage yourself.  It’s just to push people in need Encourage everyone to live healthier I hope everyone is happy today

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