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Healthy Food Recipes | How to Make Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes – Healthy Pancake Recipe

yo what's up guys check it out today we're going to be making some sweet awesome buckwheat blueberry pancakes these things are bomb i know you're going to dig them and they're pretty healthy for you but i'm not going to go over all my ingredients like normal i'm going to put them in the description down below so just check down there for the actual recipe awesome guys lets get this party started first thing you want to do is get out a large pan and set it to a medium setting next you want to get out a large bowl for mixing your pancake mix I like this brand hodgson mill stuff is great add one and a half cup of the buckwheat mix add 1 cup of almond milk then just a little extra to keep it from being thick add one egg I prefer cage-free for oil you want to use grapeseed oil add 2 tablespoons of the oil then add two regular spoonfuls of organic cane sugar mix all of the ingredients together after you get it all mixed up add however many blueberries you desire and mix them in by now your pan will be nice and hot spray on some coconut oil spray add 3/4 cups of your pancake mix onto the hot pan let it cook for a couple of minutes and then flip it over make sure it's a nice golden brown I like to push down on it with my spatula it helps to compress it and took it a little faster after a few more minutes you should be good to go repeat the process for another pancake with some coconut oil 3/4 cup of mixture let it cook flip it over when it's ready let it cook some more and voila now add some organic extra virgin coconut oil as a buttery spread stuff is awesome add some organic maple syrup and you are ready to go check these out these are incredibly delicious peeps will go crazy for these there you have it guys that's how easy this is and these are so delicious i'm seriously my mouth is watering like mad right now I can't wait to eat these I have to eat them right now Oliver wants some too even the kids dig it that's what i'm talking about hey guys thanks for watching my video give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and ya'll have a fantastic day I'm gonna eat me Some blueberry pancakes If there is any left the kids are gonna eat it all HEY PEACE OUT

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