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How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver

How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver

Ok FoodTubers you want to know how to make beautiful handmade mayonnaise? And you want a recipe that works and looks after you and doesn’t mess you up? I’m going to give it to you It’s mayonnaise.

It’s egg yoks, vinegar or lemon juice and olive oil.

First of all, I’m getting crazy like I was taught earlier, I like to do it in a bowl.  it’s a round bottom bowl very important.  I’m using a little tea towel here.  I want to just wrap it up and put it at one side so the bowl is naturally at an angle.  I’m going to use two free-range egg yolks so the egg yolks are gone in okay we’re using a balloon whisk, let’s go for a mustard.  I’m
using a Dijon mustard absolutely you could use any mustard you want.  I’m going to heat teaspoon goes in I like yeah I like a nice little mustard a space we’re going to whisk that up so thick things are in there this is why it gets a
little complicated for some people is if you add the oil too quick it splits the egg yolk and the mustard is going to grab hold onto the oil and the water and it’s just going to hold it in as one.

We just got to take our time and use our senses.  You can see the mustard and egg yolks are in the bottom just adding a little drips right into the bloom whisk, but if you put too much oil at the beginning it will split and that’s what everyone gets upset about.  This is also quite a good workout so you’re going to find that your arm upper arm gets knackered then you can
start use doing more of a wrist action and then back to your upper arm.  You can make it start to finish in about three minutes all right so it’s not really a massive sort of pain.  Now I’m going through a more convincing streak to those two egg yolks I can add anything from 500 milliliters of oil up to a pint but this is why I quite like doing it in the bowl because if you want to
understand what’s going on you’re kind of two inches away from it you can see it you can feel it look how thick that is now it gets to that point where it just gets cloudy, thick, gorgeous.

I’m gonna use a little vinegar just like a tablespoon you’ll see the color change immediately now we can actually even
start adding some seasoning, you might want to add a little bit of lemon juice.  You know lemon juice and vinegar does work very well together.  I make this and keep this in my fridge at least for a week.  This is really exciting now because we’ve now got a mayonnaise that full of life full of flavor.  Look how shiny and gorgeous that is.  Thick, gorgeous, made out of wonderful

Here’s homemade mayonnaise hopefully it was a good demonstration and you feel more confident to do it yourself.

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