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Good day! This is Mer Layson, also known as, “Ang Magsasakang Reporter” I am honored to be a farmer, because without farmers, there will be no food on our tables. It is also my honor to be a reporter, being one of those who distribute significant and legitimate information to the public. I am able to bring with me, here in Metro Manila, my planting and farming skills from the province. Now, I am sharing to the public my knowledge about Urban Gardening in a Plastic Bottle Because even if you are residing in an urban area like Metro Manila, you will still be able to plant different vegetables through the use of PET bottles That I like to call Self-Watering plants For this day, I will be teaching you how to plant lettuce There are so many varieties of Lettuce, but in this video, I will be planting the variety that they call Fanfare Come and join me.

Let’s plant Fanfare lettuce Lettuce can be planted through the process of direct planting and use can also use seedlings So, this is the fanfare lettuce that I’ll be planting using direct planting method So now let’s prepare our materials. First, the soil that I recommend you to use is loam soil. And of course the PET bottle that we will turn into a planter. This is 1.5 liters and you’ll also need scissors and also a wire. First, let’s prepare the PET bottle planter I’m just going to cut this in half, so it’s important to use sharp scissors Just pierce it first here in the middle I like using this bottle because it has a line in the middle that we can trace when we cut it So pierce it first so you can cut it. After doing so, you can start cutting it, just trace the middle line. Alright So now we have successfully cut the bottle into two So this one This half is where we’ll be planting, but first let’s add some drainage. First pierce the lid and then along the sides It is so that whenever we water our plants, the excess water will go down through the drainage to the reservoir.


This other one will serve as the water reservoir In piercing this, make sure to be careful, and then twist it like this. Now that’s one And then along the sides, let’s pierce four holes This is just quick. One Two Three Four So, all in all we have five holes. One on the lid, then two, three, four, and five Now, we can already attach it to the other half So, this is where we’ll be planting But first let’s put the wire so we can hang the planter. We’re going to put them on this other half. Just pierce two holes on it. One, two Then the wire that we’ll use must be placed through the hole from the inside to the outside Now, you can finally hang the planter on your window railings or on your terrace or on wood If you’re going to tie it on a wood, then you must use a bigger and thicker wire Now, let’s put them together. Another thing that I like about this bottle is that it fits perfectly together Now, let’s put some soil in there; loam soil So, a lot of people have been asking me where I got this soil and what kind of soil it is.

This is loam soil. I took it from my farm in Pampanga So, there. Okay Here are the seeds, we are now ready to plant. I already used this before, I just restored it so that the seeds won’t get expired. So, this is already the second time that I’m going to use this. So, here are the seeds If you’re doing direct planting, just get a few pieces of seeds. About four pieces. So look, we placed four pieces of seeds in there. You can restore the seeds that you weren’t able to use. You can still use it the next time you’ll feel like planting lettuce If you want to use seedlings you may use a bigger container, but you can also use the PET bottle, just put a little more seeds than usual. So, once the four seeds that we planted finally grow, you may transfer them to different containers. So, just push them down for a bit and cover it with soil Alright.


After covering, just spray a small amount of water. Don’t put too much, just until you see that the soil becomes moist. Just continue to spray until the soil becomes moist Here I’ll show you There Okay You can now hang this to your garden; your newly planted lettuce. Then after one week, 5 days to one week, this will already grow. If all four of them grew, you may transfer two in a different container and leave two in here. But if you want, you can also leave just one in here.

Later I’m going to show you one of the lettuce that I planted, in which I only left one plant in the original container. I am now going to hang our newly planted lettuce Here are the health benefits of lettuce There so you can harvest your lettuce after 25 to 30 days. So, 25 days to one month, your lettuce will be ready for harvesting So this one right here is already 26 days old. It’s healthy and ready to harvest Use scissors when you harvest and just cut the big leaves and leave the small ones so that they may continue to grow and you can harvest up to three times Just make sure to leave the small leaves, just harvest the big leaves It is very simple to plant lettuce The Magsasakang Reporter is able to do this, so can you You can save, first of all the money that you’re supposed to use in buying your vegetables you can now put in your savings Second, the food that you’ll share with your family is guaranteed safe from artificial and synthetic pesticides So, you are you family will be able to eat healthy foods Organic vegetables Just like what is being done by the Magsasakang Reporter The Magsasakang Reporter is able to do this, so can you Now, I am living here in Paco, Manila But I am able to plant these vegetables And now I am harvesting different kinds of vegetables If I am able to do this, I am sure that you can too So, I hope that I am able to share with you some knowledge regarding planting I encourage you all to plant.


And, I would like to take this opportunity to happily announce that yesterday the subscribers of my channel has reached 4,000 Because of you people who continue to subscribe to my channel My channel continues to grow And it is because of you That is why I am thanking you all. So, today I am wholeheartedly thanking you Because I have already reached 5,000 subscribers So, in just one day I was able to gain 1,000 subscribers This just proves that a lot of people watch my videos. My featured plants and planting techniques and tutorials So, if you learned something from me Please like this video and subscribe to my channel, and also share to your friends It is so that we can share techniques to more people and encourage more people to plant Like, subscribe and share And click the bell button so that you’ll be informed every time I post a new video Thank you all so much for watching.

God bless us all.

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