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Organic food 10 best express sauces Before consuming these recipes, you can consult a nutritionist, Are these recipes suitable for you according to your prakriti and doshas? You might be interested in mixing the ingredients, and invent something completely new. Bell pepper and bean sauce Namaste friends! We use our beautiful Kent blender for the preparation of an awakening and delicious express sauce. Prepare the ingredients. For bell pepper and bean sauce we need fried red pepper boiled chickpeas Thai red chili some yogurt some lime juice and salt to taste. Grind. Perfectly! Refreshing decoration – fresh mint. Enjoy your bell pepper and bean sauce! Recipe: fried (burnt) bell pepper – 1 pc., Thai chili pepper – 2-3 pcs., boiled chickpea – 1 cup.

Yogurt – 0.5 cups, half lime juice, salt – to taste. for decoration – fresh mint. Texi-Mexi Yogurt Sauce To make this sauce, we need fried yellow bell pepper, yogurt, jalapeno pepper, dumb Tabasco sauce sea ​​salt to taste. Grind. Super! Sprig of cilantro – for decoration. Enjoy Your Texi Mexi Yogurt Sauce Recipe: Roasted yellow bell pepper – 2 pcs, jalapeno pepper – 0.5 cups, yogurt – 0.5 cups, Tabasco sauce – 1 tsp, sea salt – to taste. Fried eggplant sauce For this sauce add some oil to the hot pan, and add some poppy seeds. When it starts to crack, add turmeric powder, and some red chili powder, fried chopped eggplant, peeled, some seasoning sea ​​salt. And cook it over low heat for 5 minutes. In 5 minutes the sauce is ready! A sprig of parsley for decoration. Enjoy your fried eggplant sauce! Recipe: fried eggplant – 1 pc., olive oil – 2 tbsp., poppy seed – 4 tsp., sea ​​salt – to taste, turmeric powder – 0.5 tsp, red chili powder – 1 pinch.

fresh parsley – for decoration, seasoning – 0.5 tsp Chipotle sauce with fried tomatoes In order to prepare this sauce, we need: roasted tomatoes some chipotle sauce jalapeno pepper", a couple of green chilies black olives a teaspoon of cumin seeds, Fresh basil leaves black pepper, salt to taste some soy sauce. Grind. Excellent! A bit of fresh basil! Enjoy your fried tomato sauce chipotle. Recipe: fried tomatoes – 2 pcs, basil leaves – 2 pcs, chipotle sauce -1/4 cups, black olives – 1/4 cup, jalapeno pepper – 2 tablespoons, green chili – 2-3 pcs, soy sauce – 1 tablespoon, cumin – 0.5 tsp black pepper – 0.5 tsp, salt – to taste. Beetroot Hummus For beetroot hummus we need: boiled chickpeas, soaked for the night peeled, boiled beets, freshly ground cumin powder, mustard or poppy seeds yogurt, some lemon juice salt to taste. I will add some olive oil on top. Grind. Super! Garnish with cilantro. Enjoy your beetroot hummus! Recipe: boiled chickpeas – 1 cup, boiled beets – 0.5 cups, yogurt – 0.25 cups, poppy seeds / mustard – 1 tablespoon, cumin powder – 1 pinch, salt – to taste. olive oil – 2 tablespoons, half lime juice, cilantro for decoration. Classic guacamole For the classic guacamole we need: avocado, freshly cut tomatoes cilantro leaves lime juice a pair of fresh green chili and salt to taste.

Grind. It looks amazing! A bit of cilantro for decoration. Enjoy your classic guacamole! Recipe: finely chopped avocado – 2 pcs., finely chopped tomato – 1 pc., green chili – 2-3 pcs., cilantro – 1/4 cup, lime juice, salt – to taste, cilantro for decoration. Blue cheese sauce For this sauce we need: blue cheese, egg-free mayonnaise some milk, spices and some sea salt, black pepper. Sumptuously! A little parsley on top and – enjoy a delicious blue cheese sauce! Recipe: blue cheese – 0.5 cups, milk – 1/4 cup, mayonnaise without eggs – 2 tsp, black pepper – 2 pinches, salt – to taste, parsley – for decoration. Coconut Tomato Sauce For this sauce we need: roasted tomatoes freshly chopped coconut, a pair of basil leaves fresh parsley some thyme some lime juice black pepper, and sea salt. Handsomely! Let's add some toasted spices. To do this, add olive oil to a hot pan, add poppy seeds, turmeric powder some chili powder.

Fry the spices and add to the sauce. Garnish with fresh parsley. Enjoy tomato – coconut sauce! Recipe: fried tomatoes – 3 pcs, chopped coconut – 0.5 cups, basil leaves – 2-3 pcs, thyme – 2 branches, parsley – 1/4 cup, sea salt – to taste. lime juice, olive oil – 2 tbsp., poppy seeds – 1 tsp. turmeric – 0.5 tsp, red chili pepper powder – 2 pinches, black pepper – 0.5 tsp Mango sauce To prepare this interesting sauce, we need: chopped mango a little tamarind Brown sugar, fresh cilantro leaves some white vinegar some soy sauce fresh red chili and salt to taste. Grind. Interesting! A few slices of red chili and fresh cilantro for decoration, and enjoy this unusual mango sauce! Recipe: chopped mango – 1pc, tamarind gruel – 2 tsp, soy sauce – 1 tsp, white vinegar – 1 tsp, red chili – 2-3 pcs., brown sugar – 1 tsp, salt – to taste, cilantro leaves – for decoration.

Ranch Sauce For this sauce, we need boiled corn, red bell pepper jalapeno pepper", some capers fresh parsley some dill and a little green onion, Add the whey (buttermilk) on top, yogurt, some cayenne pepper black pepper to taste and some sea salt. Grind. Amazing! Add a little chopped green onion and enjoy the ranch dressing. Recipe: bell pepper – 1 pc., boiled corn – 1 cup, jalapeno pepper – 2 tbsp., yogurt – 0.5 cups, serum – 0.5 cups, parsley – 2-3 branches, fresh dill – 2-3 branches, black pepper – to taste, green onion – 2-3 branches, cayenne pepper – 1 pinch, black pepper – to taste, capers – 2 tbsp., .

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