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Anna Maria Historic Green Village: Video 3 Sustainable Development

... This is the third video in a series of videos following the sustainable green development of the Anna Maria Historic Green Village in Anna Maria, Florida showing that the Village Cafe at Rosedale and the Sears Cottage are up-and-running businesses within the Green Village. The Green Village is for retail and commercial use and shall be powered entirely by renewable green energy such as solar energy and ground source heat pumps. The whole concept of the Green Village is to be zero net energy — achieving platinum LEED certification. Mike: Well we brewed the coffee, we toasted the bagels, we flew the open flag and they came from miles around. We must of had tops 100 people here this morning. Lizzie: We’re working with a young team of people. They’re really enthusiastic; let’s get the composting right, let’s get the recycling right, let’s get the recipes right. Rock: It’s been fantastic, we had a full deck and we had a full restaurant. I think we have a great team, good staff, good ownership. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Lizzie: Now we have a real test; can we run a successful business here that is completely and utterly green? We have this great building, zero energy, fabulous technology. We don’t have the right things in the cafe yet; we are having to go through with every single supplier; take out plastic, bring in organic, take out additives, bring in natural foods. Because the whole thing has to work; it’s a complete picture here and for me that’s the big, the big challenge now – is to make it seamless, seamlessly green. One thing i really love about this Green Village is that we have a recycled house. We found the best business for that house; a vintage clothing shop. Rhonda: You come to get wearable vintage and then you come to buy things that have been created as a one-of-a-kind item by an artist. We also have up-cycled items which is when you take something old and you make it better and it’s all about being resourceful which is why I love being in the Sears Cottage here at the Green Village because that’s exactly what the Thrashers have done which was take an old cottage that no-one wanted and up-cycle it and make it this beautiful new building. So I think it’s just so appropriate that we sell wearable vintage and up-cycled items in a building that’s actually been up-cycled.
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