“Antonia’s Bakery” Children’s Book Release, A Gentle Life Book Collection, Organic Vegan Diet

Antonia is clever, curious, and sweet.  She builds a loving home in the Town of Pink Love.  Sharing nature’s organic goodness with new friends is pure magic! Antonia’s Elephant Tales #1. Antonia’s Bakery provides fresh local garden organic plant-based food for all her new friends.  (Vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO food & recipes). 

Sustainable, ethical, non-toxic, organic children’s books.  A Gentle Life Book Collection: Peaceful, beautiful, healthy inspiration for a Gentle Life.  Take our books with you everywhere you go!  Give the gift of Love & Peace by being purely you!

Original Children’s Book Series:  Antonia’s Elephant Tales #1

Gentle Organic Life Inspiration for: Empaths, Synesthetes, Highly Sensitive People, and All!

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