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Diabetes: The Food That Cures [Free Recipe Guide]

Join us on our quest to create a restaurant where disease is reversed through a healthful diet. We join forces with Mindful Diabetic Robby & The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to highlight how to cure type 2 diabetes through healthy diet. Unfortunately, diabetic patients are told to make “lifestyle modifications” but the world around us is not supportive. By creating the Diabetic’s Diner we envisioned a place where diabetics could come and enjoy delicious foods that make them healthier with each meal. You can download the menu & recipes for what we served in this diner for free on our website www.mrmrsvegan.com/free-guides & get the book Dr Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes.

To learn more please watch these videos on Diabetes;
Dr. Barnard’s Ted Talk on Diabetes

Dr. Gregor’s Insulin Resistance Video

Dr. McDougall’s Diabetes Webinar


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