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DIY Men’s Skin Care

You guys have been asking for healthy skin tips for men, so I’m sharing three easy recipes for shaving! With amazing ingredients and essential oils, these DIYs are sure to leave your man’s face feeling refreshed and healthy!

Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera Aftershave Splash
3 tbsp witch hazel //
3 tsp aloe vera gel //
2 tsp vegetable glycerin //
5 drops tea tree essential oil //
3 drops grapefruit essential //
2 drop bergamot essential oil //

Ingredients for Olive Shaving Oil
4 tsp olive oil //
2 tsp jojoba oil //
5 drops frankincense essential oil //
3 drops lavender essential oil //

Ingredients for Coconut Shaving Balm
2 tbsp coconut oil //
1 tbsp sweet almond oil //
2 tsp shea nut butter //
1 tsp beeswax //
4 drops sandalwood essential oil //
4 drops neroli essential oil //
2 drops chamomile essential oil //

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