Frank Hyman’s Garden Class (excerpt), 17 Jan 2009


Still tumbling, turning, and sifting your compost? Liberated Gardener Frank Hyman dispels several worrisome myths with his 15 year old techniques that will save you from the pitfalls of time, sweat, smell, and critters. Frank Hyman has been creating beautiful and sustainable gardens since 1992 as owner of Cottage Garden Landscaping. He studied horticulture and design at NC State University under the late JC Raulston (named one of the world’s top 25 horticulturists of all time by Horticulture magazine). He’s created gardens that are drought-proof, deer-resistant, low-maintenance, organic, and just plain pretty.  He is also a professional stonemason, carpenter, metalworker, and sculptor. Frank speaks and teaches classes in North Carolina and around the USA, and he writes for newspapers and magazines, including Horticulture, Urban Farm, and Fine Gardener.  His forthcoming book, The Liberated Gardener: It’s Easier to Enjoy Your Garden If You’re Not Enslaved by It, will teach gardeners how to save time, save money, save their backs and save our planet. Frank resides in Durham, NC, USA at Bayleaf Cottage with his wife, Chris.
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