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How to make Sauerbraten – German Beef roast – German Recipes – – simple recipes

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Wow. This is such a classic. Meanwhile, I wonder why I did over twenty other videos before I show you how to make a hot Sauerbraten.
Thank you for giving me the idea. Some time ago I posted a video and asked you: What would you like to see? Are there German dishes that you know, but you do not know how to cook them?
You have sent me many answers. That was great. And many of you said: Hey, we know Sauerbraten, but how do you do that?
This reminded me of my childhood. And one of my best memories of my grandmother Hedwig is that she always made me Sauerbraten with dumplings when I visited her. This dish is very emotional for me.
Strangely, I have not cooked it myself for many years. It was through your inspiration that I came back to the fact that I could cook it myself. Since then I’ve done it a couple times. Also for guests. And what can I say: All my friends love it. It is not modern at the moment. But for everyone it’s a reminder of days gone by – and the quality is fantastic.
I promise you: if you try this, you will experience something wonderful: you will love it, your family will love it, and your guests too.
Try it. I am looking forward to your feedback.
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Enjoy your Meals!

For the marinade: 1 large bunch of soup greens 3 cloves 12 peppercorns 4 crushed juniper berries 2 bay leaves 400 ml red wine 400 ml mild red wine vinegar – if you have: 100-200 ml of port wine

about 1,5 kg roast beef (flower or bug, preferably organic) salt freshly ground pepper 2 tablespoons butter lard 1 piece bacon rind 50 g pumpernickel bread 100 g raisins possibly a little sugar possibly lighter sauce binder maybe a little whipped cream (50 g)

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