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Vita – Organic Agave Nectar, Agave Syrup, Inulin – Recipes & Nutrition Facts vs Honey

Organic Agave Nectar, Agave Syrup with Inulin – Recipes & Nutrition Facts vs Honey. Vita is a manufacturer of organic products that are made from 100% Premium quality Blue Agaves in Mexico. Agave is a sweetener and food that will help your energy, health, weight loss and immune system. Our Agave products are produced utilizing a unique low temperature manufacturing process to preserve all the natural and healthy enzymes and inulin of the Blue Agave plant.

Recipes & Nutrution Facts vs Honey:
Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener extracted from the blue agave plant. Our Agave Nectar is a sweetener consisting of low viscosity and is highly soluble. This is due to its high fructose concentration, ensuring the absence of bacteria and fungus growth, therefore maintaining a long shelf life. Because of its fructose content (approximately 90%) maintains a low glycemic index. Its smooth & natural flavor enhances the natural flavors of any product it is applied to. It’s the perfect complement for any food or beverage that requires to be sweetened. The nectar is milder in flavor, much like honey.

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• It’s 100% agave juice.
• Gluten Free
• Kosher
• Strong health benefits – low glycemic index – superior metabolic response by the body.
• Diabetic friendly sweetener
• Neither preservatives nor additives added. The process is gentle, to not damage the natural properties.
• The process production only concentrates the natural compounds.
• Super Premium Product Classification. It is 100% Blue Agave – Superior inputs creates a higher quality and better tasting product
• No Fillers or Alterations – Agave Syrup As Nature Intended – Some syrup manufacturers dilute or modify the product
• “Whole Food” – Low temperature evaporation process preserves natural enzymes

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