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What is the best diet for myeloma patients?

This week’s Ask Dr. Durie comes from a patient
who asks a common question. The question is I want to eat what’s best,
but I’m so confused about what is the best food for a myeloma patient to be eating these
days. Well, the answer is relatively straightforward. As I’ve said with many blogs and previous
videos, the best food is real food. But what does this really mean? Obviously, it’s not just so simple. The additional recommendation is if you eat
real food, you should avoid eating processed food. And this is a very key and strong part of
the recommendation. What we know is that processed foods have
several disadvantages. 1. Because of the industrial processing, the
processed foods have what is called a high-glycemic index, which means this type of food is predisposed
to increased weight, and lead potentially to obesity.

2. The other thing is that industrially processed
foods do have contaminants in them, which can have a negative effect, and these include
things like aspartame and acrylamide, and different chemicals which can have a negative
effect on your body. And so several things that are bad about processed
food. So for the real food, what are the key things
to keep in mind? 1. It’s important to have fresh food, if possible. Organic food, if possible. If possible, if it’s meat, a relatively
small amount of meat intake on a regular basis. Grass-fed. Stay low on carbohydrate intake. And to be cautious on fat intake. Recent studies suggest that it’s not necessary
to completely avoid fat intake. In fact, eating butter or even eggs are okay. And those are not a particular of serious
negative. And so The BOTTOM LINE is to stick with real
food, to avoid processed foods, and to achieve that, the best is to do your best to shop
and to cook at home with as much fresh produce as you can manage.

And to eat in the comfort of your own home
and to avoid all the issues that can emerge if you eat out and if you eat processed foods..

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