Tech-Forward Vintage Tops : 80s-inspired clothing


Unified Goods & Goodhood Collaborate on Chic 80s-inspired Clothing

Expected to launch on March 1st, this range of 80s-inspired clothing will definitely capture the attention of tech enthusiasts. The collection is completed in collaboration between London-based retailer Goodhood and retro-favoring brand Unified Goods.

The graphic component of the design is informed by big technology players like Apple, Panasonic, Microsoft and more. The Goodhood x Unified Goods 80s-inspired clothing collab is sure to reach levels of high popularity as it taps into nostalgia and technology. For one, contemporary consumers are increasingly looking back to the past and grasping at motifs from bygone eras. Secondly, as companies like Apple and Microsoft continue to disrupt the tech landscape, it proves to be increasingly stylish to rep apparel that speaks to the roots of these giant corporate entities.

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