The History of Coca Cola in Ads, from 19889-2008


Coca-Cola seems to have been here with us since the beginning of time. But it also has a history and a time when they tried to be creative. And the proof is right here: a collection of 43 Ads that show the real beginnings of Coca Cola.

We will see the famous bottle that we still have today and the famous logo. They haven’t changed a bit in more than a hundred years.

At first they advertised it mostly for women: helping women to be elegant and boasting their hospitality at home. Then Coca-Cola turns into that refreshing drink that you’ve got to try only for $5. But be careful to try only the original one!

Have a look at these 43 Ads and enjoy this little piece of consumer history!

1. Year 1889


2. Year 1889


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