Top 100 Beverage Innovations in April

beverage innovations

The April 2019 beverage innovations cover everything from healthy kombucha drinks, unique canned caffeine concoctions, augmented reality drink menus, sparkling coconut waters, and so much more.

The Parma Violet Cider was launched by the brand Brothers in time for the warm spring weather, with the floral-inspired drink boasting a unique flavor that combines sweet violets and locally grown apples. The cider’s aesthetic reflects the floral inspiration too, pouring out to reveal a beautiful light purple hue.

Consumers who have an interest in beauty supplements are able to combine their consumption of different nutrients with the refreshing taste of a fruity beverage with Vital Proteins’ Collagen Water collection. Each bottle packs in collagen-rich powders, which help to improve hair, skin and nail health, while also benefiting the joints and gut.

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