Wellington Paranormal's COVID 2: The return - Ep 2: Been here before - Leggings Are Pants

Wellington Paranormal’s COVID 2: The return – Ep 2: Been here before

as we all know covet has crept back into our community so we've responded hard and fast with auckland being at level three and the rest of the country being at level two we've been here before people so we all need to be strong leaders who excuse me uh sorry i need to get this kia ora son you're in those new undies i sent you mom what you don't want to talk to your mother no of course i do i'm just uh addressing the nation at the moment oh listen to you addressing the nation mr flashy peace is that why you're too busy to talk to your mother no no i'm i'm never too busy to have a core devil with you mum i'm just reminding everyone of the covert rules so remember um if you're in auckland at level three you are encouraged to stay home in your bubble until the situation is reviewed yes stay at home don't be going out in your flash cars because you think you're okay because you don't want to make us old people sick thanks mum yes and if you are feeling unwell or sick please remember to stay at home but you must also get a test that's upstage i'm sick are you mum yeah i'm sick of missing you mum i will come and see you when it's allowed i promise uh look if you do have to go out and this applies at level two and three remember to record where you go who you meet up with and always maintain a physical distancing of two meters two thousand meters where you're content oh come on mom i've been busy i will come and see you soon i promise don't you be writing checks with your mouse that your face can't cash uh i don't even know what that means man finally if you are out and about it is highly recommended that you cover your face oh you could wear the thing i said to you um i don't think this is exactly a regulation face covering mom yes it is they said anything is better than nothing now see that's much better uh so remember stay home follow the rules call your whanau and we'll get through this gilda i love you son you made me very proud oh i'm gonna have a couple more eyes now oh i love you bob listen to him he's a smart man he needs to visit his mother you can be your wife [Music]

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