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Asian Diet Secrets

Hello everyone, I’m Wengie Welcome to Dieting Tips.   I will introduce something very, very interesting Is the secret of dieting in Asia Japanese women are famous for keeping their bodies on diet.  I remember a book dedicated to Japanese dieting tips and tricks.  Many countries, like Japan, think thinness is important, some companies actually have policies that measure their waistline once a year.  If your waistline exceeds a healthy waistline, they will actually put you in a project (on a diet)  to help you lose weight.  My guess is this is the way the government is going to fight higher health costs in the future,

Every time I go to Japan, especially when I go to college, everyone is thin.  I remember as if I had never seen a fat man in Japan I’m quite surprised why everyone can be so thin.  Then I think women are afraid to tell others that they are overweight.  Like here ( in the USA)  if some people are overweight and you don’t want to be rude, or tell them Say, hey fat you are overweight!  But in Japan, They say,  ‘hey you are overweight, lose weight’. Their culture is very open.

I especially like Japan.  There are very few overweight people in Japan.  I think it may be because their food is processed more westernized and there are more fast food Then I think people are trying to bypass the traditional food and culture that makes them thin.  What I just said about Japan is all my own experience.  My best friend is Japanese, she is very special and thin.  I think that because she is inherently thin.  She has a healthier diet and never eats too much. I just want to emphasize and stay slim! So what I want to share with you today is:

10 Asian Diets That Will Keep You Slim

The first one is, Drink tea!  green teaEspecially green tea In addition to weight loss, green tea has other benefits I mean, there are a lot of antioxidants in green tea that can improve metabolism Higher metabolism means more payments And then maintain physical fitness Drinking green tea can actually make you burn 70-80 calories a day more than usual.

Not only this, green tea can keep you young Because there are many antioxidants that can prevent wrinkles There are many forms of green tea bought today, including tea bags There are tea leaves. I bought this from the supermarket It’s called Jasmine Pearl Green Tea. It smells great. This is not the same as other green teas Is a small ball, just put it in the teapot and soak it in water The best temperature for making tea is 98 degrees So do n’t make tea with the water you just opened Let him hang for a while, then make tea in about 1 minute and 2 minutes There are other kinds of tea, which are also good for the body This is Pu’er Tea I bought it in an Asian supermarket, this one is very thick If you do n’t like strong tea, maybe you do n’t like this too, I ’ll always be with green tea This is very effective for weight loss I think it ’s just a matter of taste, I know that green tea is actually a bit bitter This will help control appetite, especially if you want to eat sweets Then there are other kinds of tea, if you do n’t like hot drinks You can buy this from Daiso Or Japanese supermarket This is actually tea, it ’s just for large-capacity containers.

Like 1L bottles, so you can put them directly in the refrigerator, every time I go to my friend ’s house She has these teas in the refrigerator It’s perfect in summer, she usually drinks oolong tea This is barley tea with a taste of soy You can buy barley tea, oolong tea or jasmine tea Then you just find a bigger container, and then you actually brew this tea in a bottle Then put it in the refrigerator, so every time you drink cold water or something You can drink this instead of juice or soda If you want a little sweetness, you can put a little honey And put it in the refrigerator In Asian supermarkets, there are big 2L cups You can put a large bottle of tea in the refrigerator But if you want to drink fresh or less processed sometimes, you can buy these tea bags Or use two green tea bags and put a few more And put it in the refrigerator It ’s perfect, I think this is a way to stop soda or sugary drinks The best time to drink tea is before meals, during meals, and after meals I mean you can drink tea all the time I usually get up for tea in the morning, and then drink tea for lunch and dinner.

I’ve been telling me cheaply that her mother would give her a cup of tea during dinner Or at mealtime, this is very smart Because if you drink tea before meals, it will increase satiety So I wo n’t eat too much because there is already something in the stomach So I ’m not particularly hungry when eating And drinking tea after dinner will reduce the appetite for sweets. Tea taste reduces appetite Do you make it, I do n’t want to eat unhealthy things after drinking tea Sometimes it ’s great to eat with desserts Don’t eat those desserts or ice cream You can have a small refreshment while drinking tea Alright, second tip! That is! Be sure to drink soup while eating! I’m not sure if you all drank Asian soup But Asian soups, especially those in Chinese food, like pork rib soup, chicken feet soup or chicken soup Are all very good, and they are especially cheap Because the bones are basically 2-3 knives per kilo, this is where I bought them And sometimes it ’s free, because it ’s all bones.

If they are already dealing with them, all you have to do is wash them seriously Put it in the pot, boil it with water, and then put it in the bone There are a lot of brown things, so you just dump him, wash the bones and the pot, and put it back in the pot Then boil Put carrots, corns, dates, etc. Then do it in a few hours. This is very, very good for you. There are many minerals in the bones You can also pour a bit of vinegar or apple cider so that all the minerals are in the soup It is good to drink soup before or after meals When I was growing up, we had soup every weekend when we ate Then I guess, if you live with your parents, you may have soup for every meal If you are a chinese family My mother goes to work, so the only chance to make soup is on the weekend I was talking to my friend about this before Do you make Chinese soups at different times? Either before meals or after meals Some families drink soup before meals, some families drink after meals In a restaurant, before meals, then sweet soup, after meals Another good thing is that soup is not just good for you, And can make you feel full like drinking tea Before eating, before eating rice And before dinner, drink a bowl of soup while eating the main course Because it can make you feel full, if you eat slowly enough, You may actually feel you eat less, and the water is still in the middle of the food I ’m not sure if you find out.

If you eat a soup like noodles, sometimes you eat more slowly. Then if you drink soup again, it will support your stomach Because the noodles swell in the soup But um, Japanese people have to make miso soup with them So it really depends on the situation. If you ca n’t make bone soup, it ’s the same with miso soup. Now, miso soup is also bag-by-bag, but what you need to pay attention to is the sodium content Too much sodium is bad for your body So if you make miso soup yourself, you may want to pay less salt I actually make bone soup once a week, a big pot And put it in the refrigerator, which is also very good for the skin Especially if there are chicken feet in the soup I know it sounds disgusting, but there are a lot of collagen in chicken feet Collagen will make the skin better I’m trying to eat more collagen Alright! Third tip! In fact, eat more vegetables! !! I do n’t know if you found it.

Comparing Chinese and Korean food, in fact, the meat content is very small Mostly vegetables, a traditional Korean family meal, actually most of them are vegetables and rice Not a lot of meat, but in my house, there is a small amount of meat Is to cut into small pieces and burn with vegetables Actually, it ’s up to you Probably a meat dish and then three vegetarian dishes But we always have vegetarian dishes No one said that no vegetarian dishes are all meat Vegetarian dishes and rice are actually a fixed match Then I thought maybe this is why I’m so thin Because vegetables are especially healthy and low in calories Low-calorie vegetables are a major part of Asian cooking Like Chinese cabbage, I know Japanese people like to eat Chinese cabbage And Koreans Chinese leafy vegetables are also very low in calories and very healthy Lettuce is actually very good, because it ’s all water You can eat as much as you want My favorite method is to put lettuce in the hot pot And radishes! Japanese people have a lot of radish dishes In fact, as long as you eat more vegetables, do n’t eat vegetables with a lot of starches, such as potatoes, and vegetables with leaves, such as spinach Spinach is very healthy I think it ’s really hard to grow meat if you change most of your food and beverages to vegetables.

I even know a lot of Korean stars who do n’t eat lunch They eat steamed sweet potatoes instead, which is very good Feeling full is very strong, if you want something to eat, Try roasting some sweet potatoes or corn and boiled vegetables Because I have done this, I like to eat appetizing snacks, so I really need a little effort, But i insisted Boiled or sautéed vegetables with just a little oil will reduce calories Alright, fourth tip! !! What kind of tableware to use! Let ’s compare, for example, we use a spoon and a fork to pull, How much food can a spoon put in your mouth? How about Bibi with chopsticks? Chopsticks make eating more difficult So they eat less at the same time If you do n’t make how to use chopsticks, Maybe you will eat less Its practical chopsticks will make you eat more slowly Take longer to pinch less to eat Because you are eating with chopsticks In China, all the dishes are placed in the middle of the table, and then everyone has a bowl of rice. Then use chopsticks to clip the dishes from the plate to the bowl Then eat, unlike here, everyone eats a large plate, all of them must be eaten You just take what you can, because if you take just a little bit at a time You can control how much you eat Because it actually takes about 10 minutes for your stomach to reflect that it ’s full Eat slowly so that you do n’t reach yourself You can try it like this Separate the bread or rice and just take the right amount of food to finish the rice or other staple food You will find that you will eat less Then you may find that you do n’t eat a lot of meat.

May eat more vegetables If you eat like this, you will eat slowly. I’ve seen a lot of masters who use chopsticks, they can eat quickly, but I don’t do that either The fifth! I said last week that there is an old saying in Japan, Hara hachi bu …. means 8 minutes full Then this sentence passed down from generation to generation Is a very good habit, because eating too much is actually harmful to the body Because you are putting pressure on your stomach May cause indigestion due to eating too much You just need the right amount of food to ensure physical fitness And then make sure you have nutrition Hara hachi bu actually came from Confucius! I think the cultural influence has been passed down Actually, I think the Japanese will be despised if they eat too much Just wondering why do you need spicy food? !! You are such a pig, so I think this is a good thing.

Instead of people just encouraging you to do it, like … it’s a bit like why you eat so much, But he said this, I think the Japanese have this weird obsession in eating contests I know there is such a girl in Japan, she is like. She weighs only 45 kg. Super small, I saw her eat 7kg of rice and curry Crazy, really! But it’s 80% full of you. Tip # 6 is to use brown rice instead. Do n’t eat polished rice and you just put this here. You eat from this … Actually eating fish is good for you Because it fish oil is good for you … Like if you go to a convenience store in Japan, you can buy this for breakfast It ’s good for you. It ’s made of something called XXX.

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