Butt Workouts 

Beginner program: workout 4: cardio, butt, back and abs exercises

Go here fitnessrum.com/30-min-beginners for detailed guide how to combine this workout with the rest from the program. This is the 4th workout from the program and you have to mix it with other workouts to get the best results. You need a pair of dumbbells (or water bottles). For fast results – workout 30 minutes 5 days a week and follow the proper nutrition for YOU. Love, Rumi source

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8-Minute Core Workout

All-New 8-Minute Core Workout, filmed with Lauren Teknipp at Just Yoga in Atlanta! Here’s the workout: 2 sets of the following 8 exercises (for 30 seconds each): 1. Knee-Drive Plank 2. Heel Taps 3. Side Plank Crunches 4. Dead Bug Opposites 5. Reverse Plank Knee Drive 6. Down Dog Toe Touches 7. Lunge Twists 8. Cross Body Crunch-Up Connect with The Strong Community! Instagram: instagram.com/thestrongco… Twitter: twitter.com/thestrongcom Facebook: facebook.com/thestrongcom… LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/thestrongcommunity source

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