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Amazon Prime Day Is NOT Over! Shop the 174 Hottest Deals, Available For Just Hours More

Amazon Prime Day officially started yesterday, and we’re so excited we can hardly stand it. There are crazy discounts on tech, home, kitchen, fashion, and beauty products, so make sure your computers are charged up. More than 100 million products have been purchased during Prime Day in the past. Bestsellers worldwide were the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and the Echo Dot. That should assure you that the markdowns are insane. When you see the deals, make sure to shop through them all and buy your must haves…

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Bio-Sensing Contactless Sleep Tracking : Sleeptracker

The Sleeptracker Non-Invasively Understands Sleep Patterns The Sleeptracker provides effective insights that accurately depict sleep analysis data through a plethora of joint technological processes. It features over 125 different patents that utilize artificial intelligence, health, sleep science, machine learning, cognitive behavioral understanding, and more. Notably, it also measured over 150 million nights of sleep through several machine learning and artificial intelligence methods for over ten years. The system revolutionizes sleep understanding and works directly with users’ bedding, placed beneath the mattress. It is also functional with Amazon Alexa to receive…

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Tim Hortons Offering Free Monster-Sized Iced Coffee on Mother’s Day

Usually, it’s American food companies out-sizing each other, but Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons is unleashing a massive freebie for Mother’s Day 2019, and if you’re a mom looking for a tank-sized pick-me-up, you definitely won’t want to miss it. This Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, participating U.S. Tim Hortons locations are offering a FREE “Mom-sized” iced coffee. That’s 52 ounces (yes 52 ounces) of iced coffee made with Tim Hortons Premium Blend. It’s the largest size coffee offered by any major coffee chain available in the U.S. If you’re wondering…

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Facebook Faces a Big Penalty, but Regulators Are Split Over How Big

WASHINGTON — Facebook’s announcement in late April that it had set aside $3 billion to $5 billion to settle claims that it mishandled users’ personal data suggested a strong consensus by federal regulators that the social media giant needed to be held accountable. But the reality behind the scenes at the Federal Trade Commission is far more complicated, reflecting the politics and give-and-take of the negotiations. The F.T.C.’s five commissioners agreed months ago that they wanted to pursue a historic penalty that would show the agency’s teeth. But now, the…

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Tesla Looks to Regain Its Luster in Solar Energy by Slashing Prices

Tesla, which lost its status as the nation’s leading rooftop solar company last year, says it has figured out how to get back in the game — by slashing prices. The company plans to announce on Tuesday that it has started selling solar panels and related equipment for up to 41 percent less than the national average price by standardizing systems and requiring customers to order them online. Tesla executives said these changes should put to rest concerns that the company, better known for its luxury electric cars, has neglected…

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Coffee

If there’s one phrase most moms tend to repeat more than any other, it’s, “More. Coffee. Now.” Clearly morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee is essential to #momlife—especially if you’re a mom with an infant—and it’s time to celebrate her love of all things caffeine-related with a Mother’s Day present as life-saving as her favorite espresso. Whether you go with a travel-sized coffee grinder she never knew she needed or even a coffee subscription that arrives at her door, the gift possibilities for a coffee lover are endless, making Mother’s Day…

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Top 100 Food Trends in April

The April 2019 food trends cover the latest innovations in all kinds of snacks, meal replacements, instant food options, restaurant additions, and more. One noteworthy inclusion comes from Eli’s Cheesecake Company, which created a dessert that’s inspired by Chicago-style pizza. With this in mind, Eli’s created a deep dish-style cheesecake that combines a red strawberry sauce on top of a baked white chocolate base to mimic the look of a classic tomato sauce on golden brown bread. Another unique inclusion comes from the Gourmet Peanut Butter and Jelly of the…

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Why You Should Be Using Bug Salt With Your Mezcal

It may seem that kosher salt or sugar are the best types of rims for the beloved margarita, but they’re not the most authentic. In Mexico, sippers use bug salt to liven up their libations, especially those made with mezcal. The most common of these salts is made from larva which is found amongst agave plants. “The salt of ‘chinicuil’ or worm salt, is one of the products that distinguishes Mexico from the rest of the world. Only in Mexico can we find a product like this, an original pre-Hispanic…

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How to Host a Colorful Egg-Dyeing Party for Your Friends This Easter

As far as food is concerned, the Easter season (and springtime in general) is all about fun, pastel colors and eating as much candy and chocolate as you possibly can. And because this is a season most people spend with their families, you may be looking for any excuse to just get all your friends together and chill out. Hosting an egg-dyeing party is a seasonally-appropriate, cute, and fun way to get all your friends together this Easter! You may be wondering what food and drinks to serve at this…

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Organic Recipes 

Homemade Organic DIY Cat Treats In The Dehydrator – First Experiment

I had some leftover organic ground chicken in my refrigerator and since the cats won’t eat it raw and they won’t eat it cooked, I thought I would try to turn it into some cat treats in the dehydrator. This is what happened with this simple experiment… Nesco Dehydrator on Amazon: Thanks for watching and thanks for subscribing! Donations accepted at The cats love: PETSAFE AUTOMATIC CAT FEEDER: K&H THERMO-KITTY CAFE: K&H HEATED PED BED: MEOW TOWN THERMAL CAT MAT: SPORTPET DESIGNS PET CARRIER:…

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