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Mattis Outlines Strategic Hazards Facing Next Pentagon Chief

The extraordinary resignation letter that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis handed to a surprised President Donald Trump was not just a product of two years of accumulating frustration with an impulsive boss, but an outline of the strategic hazards facing the next Pentagon chief. Mattis, who was quietly back at work Friday while stunned Pentagon staff soldiered on around him, implicitly warned in his letter to the president of the threat to the U.S. from allowing alliances to fray and of the risk that disrespecting allies will undermine U.S. credibility. It…

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Uber’s Exit From Southeast Asia Upsets Regulators and Drivers

Uber, which is based in San Francisco, is also facing the consequences of its past behavior in overseas markets like London, its most profitable city. In September, regulators refused to renew Uber’s license to operate in the city, saying the company was not “fit and proper” to run a passenger transport service. Mr. Khosrowshahi publicly apologized, and the company has since made several changes sought by the city in the hope that the decision will be overturned on appeal as soon as next month. Uber was much less accommodating in…

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