8-Minute Core Workout

All-New 8-Minute Core Workout, filmed with Lauren Teknipp at Just Yoga in Atlanta! Here’s the workout: 2 sets of the following 8 exercises (for 30 seconds each): 1. Knee-Drive Plank 2. Heel Taps 3. Side Plank Crunches 4. Dead Bug Opposites 5. Reverse Plank Knee Drive 6. Down Dog Toe Touches 7. Lunge Twists 8. Cross Body Crunch-Up Connect with The Strong Community! Instagram:… Twitter: Facebook:… LinkedIn: source

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Mail Recovery Centers | Interesting Thing of the Day

Mail used to be one of my favorite things in the world. I was always excited to see what might be in the mailbox today: a letter from one of my many correspondents, a magazine, a check, photos I’d sent out for processing, a gift from a friend or relative, a catalog full of interesting things, or a package containing one of the interesting things I’d ordered from the catalog. Some days I got nothing, and many days I got only bills or junk mail. But the tiny thrill of…

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Child’s Play 2019 Movie Trailer

Chucky appears to be the doll du jour, given all the buzz surrounding the Child’s Play reboot and an upcoming TV show based on the murderous toy. But while we’re still waiting on more details about the latter, the first creepy trailer for the reboot has arrived. The film is a contemporary reimagining of the 1988 horror classic, starring Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza as Karen, a single mother who unknowingly gifts her son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman), with a Buddi doll that has a far more sinister nature than anyone…

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Atlanta-Inspired Appetizers for Your Super Bowl Party

Much like the halftime shows and commercials, not all Super Bowl Party themes are created equal. Fortunately for Super Bowl 2019, there is already a built-in option that neatly converges the sports element with an appealing culinary angle. You need not wait for the opponents to be determined. It’s not worth trying to figure out the particular alchemy of some New Orleans/New England or Los Angeles/Kansas City fusion cuisine anyway. (Clam Chowder Po’ Boys? Avocado Toast meets Gooey Butter Cake?) You can start planning your menu before they ever get…

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Food Food Videos 

Lil Yachty Has His First Experience With Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Lil Yachty is a platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated rap superstar with a boatload of hits to his name and some of the biggest endorsements in hip-hop. But how is he with spicy food? Well, everyone’s about to find out—including Yachty himself. After a life completely devoid of spice, the Atlanta icon cannonballs into the hot-sauce deep end, trading in his usual meal of pepperoni pizza for 10 scorching hot chicken tenders. Along his experimental journey in Scovilles, Lil Boat reflects on his beefs with Ebro and Joe Budden, discusses his gaming habits,…

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Organic Recipes 

Best Collard Greens recipe how to cook Southern Soul Food heathy organic low carb low fat pot licker

Best Collard Greens recipe Best Collards you have ever tasted AND they are good for you too. this recipe will work for any type of ‘heavy’ or winter greens including turnip, mustard or kale…. but I like Collards the best. this is very similar to the Southern Style greens at Mary Mac’s and PittyPat’s Porch recipes in Atlanta BUT is way better for you with out the huge amounts of Pork and fat. this is LOW CARB LOW FAT . ….but you can add what ever you want!!! our traditional…

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