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CHINESE STREET FOOD – BAMBOO HUNTING + Village Food tour in China | EXOTIC Street Food in China

Chinese Candy Making | Street Food in China | Village Food Tour Our first time in CHINA! Already there is SO much amazing STREET FOOD! So pumped to bring you this food VLOG from the rural CHINESE countryside! We try some amazing Chinese food in this episode picked straight from the organic farm! Experience farming bamboo shoots with the local Chinese farmers! Then take you to try some amazingly fresh made Chinese mochi, street food style! Watching the entire process of making a tradition Chinese candy! What an experience this…

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Huang Qi, Online Dissident and Rights Advocate in China, Faces Trial

BEIJING — One of China’s most prominent human rights activists, the blogger Huang Qi, went on trial on Monday on charges of leaking state secrets, and American diplomats seeking to attend the proceedings said they had been denied access. The trial has drawn intense international attention, in part because Mr. Huang, 55, has nephritis, a potentially fatal kidney disease. In addition, Mr. Huang’s 85-year-old mother recently traveled from their home in Sichuan Province to Beijing to ask foreign embassies there for help in obtaining his release, but she was reportedly…

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