5 Fantastic New Cookbooks to Check Out for Fall (Comfort Food, Plant-Based Cooking, and More!)

5 Fantastic New Cookbooks iStock/koldunova Looking for inspiration in your fall kitchen? Then we’ve got just the thing. These five new cookbooks are filled with healthful, delicious recipes perfect for cooler weather. Whether you’re in the mood for plant-based recipes, sustainable seafood, or classic comfort food, we’ve got the book for you. 1. “Souping is the New Juicing,” by Cherie Calbom There’s maybe nothing that says fall more loudly than soup. “Souping is the New Juicing” is the newest book from best-selling author and nutrition authority Cherie Calbom, M.S., featuring a host…

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Organic Recipes 

The Vegetarian Guy Website Tour

The Vegetarian Guy Chef George Vutetakis gives a tour of his website and blog where he connects the dots between food & community; farm & table and ingredients & flavor. His groundbreaking book, Vegetarian Traditions, raises the bar for vegan cookbooks providing delicious recipes suitable for any dietary preference. Likes: 0 Viewed: 1775 source

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