How Much Exercise Is Too Much Exercise?

Do you love working out? Great. But how much exercise is too much exercise? An expert personal trainer weighed in. Click here to read more. iStock/tempura We all know that getting your sweat on is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity improves your health, endurance, muscular strength, as well as alleviates stress, and gives you that much-needed dose of energy to get you through your day. Those feel-good endorphins can leave many of us wanting more to the point that we might be in danger of…

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10 Smartest Productivity Software to Improve Your Work Performance

Forgot a name? Misplaced your keys? Taking longer to find the right words? Don’t panic. There’s plenty you can do to improve your memory. You’re probably expecting us to reveal 7 little known and newly discovered herbs from the forests of the Amazon, the peaks of the Himalayas and the Arctic tundra. No such luck. Despite Americans spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year on Ginkgo Biloba, Ashwagandha, Periwinkle, Bacopa, Vitamin B’s, Omega 3’s and memory boosting supplement cocktails, there is very little scientific evidence they actually work. Instead,…

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