Organic Recipes 

Chocolate Pecan Crunchy Balls: Organic Vegan Dessert Recipe

Jason Wrobel, aka J-Wro, celebrity vegan chef, Cooking Channel TV host, and always hilarious kitchen beat-box-master, serves up a special treat with these vegan, superfood Chocolate Pecan Crunchy Balls! This recipe is simple, easy to make and super quick. You’re just 7 ingredients away from a hearty, sweet, chocolatey, crunchy and uber-satisfying dessert that kicks up the protein content with Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend protein powder. Intro Music: Sgt. Frog by Blank and Kytt — Follow J-Wro online & get hooked up with his favorite products and kitchen tools (scroll…

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Yoga for Lower Legs, Feet, Calves & Ankles {30 mins}

🎁 PERFECT gift idea! 🎁 Join me for EXCLUSIVE weekly nourishing self care practices and MORE! Click for discount 👉 Your lower legs support you all day long from the moment you step out of bed to the moment you slide back in. It’s important to spend a little time each week stretching, rolling out and giving this area a little love and attention to promote good lower leg health as well as prevent pain and discomfort throughout the body. This class stretches and mobilizes each of these…

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Hand-Selected Libation Subscriptions : Whiskey Me

Hand-Selected Libation Subscriptions : Whiskey Me The Whiskey Me Subscription Service Costs as Little as $8 Subscription services are gaining popularity as consumers seek out simple ways to ensure they always have their favorite products on hand for when the moon strike as seen with the new Whiskey Me monthly service.The service works by providing subscribers with access to hand-picked whiskeys that are sourced in the UK at a cost of just $8 each, which comes as a simple, cost-effective way to try new brands. The whiskeys are shipped in…

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