Arm and Shoulder Workouts 

Complete your arm workout with some proper triceps exercises. March Mass Gain – MMG Series.

Yes, Yes it’s your boy JMA. I welcome you to watch the last workout video of the MMG Series. To complete the series I give your guys a triceps workout session with several exercises and different angles so you can see the different head of the tricep. Thank you for watching. Please like, share, comment and don’t forget to subscribe. source

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Tweets About Captain Marvel in the Avengers Endgame Trailer

Buckle up, folks, because Avengers: Endgame is about to take us on a crazy journey with Earth’s mightiest heroes. And this time, they have a new ally: Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). The film’s second full-length trailer dropped on March 14, and it’s chock-full of emotional tidbits and epic battle scenes (which begs the question: whomst are they even fighting?!). But the real scene-stealer is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, who meets Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) — something that shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who (SPOILER) have…

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How Does Fiona Leave Shameless?

The following post contains spoilers for the emotional season nine finale of Shameless. When entering the Gallagher household during the season nine finale of Shameless, it’s only appropriate that Lil Wayne’s “Mess” plays in the background. As the lyrics go, “My days is a mess, my nights is a mess, my life is a mess,” Fiona walks through the long-time family home to see what’s left for her in the South Side of Chicago: Frank’s very smelly bedpan and an expected six-month recovery from his leg injury, Debbie and Carl…

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Organic Recipes 

How To Make Lip Balm at Home: Organic DIY Lip Balm Recipe by mary tylor naturals, Step by Step Guide

How to make homemade organic lip balm like a pro ! Find all the ingredients on amazon: Step by step guide will show you exactly how we do it, with exact ingredients and measurements . These lip balms are great for chapped lips in cold weather. We used 100% organic ingredients. You can use your favorite essential oils ( we used organic peppermint oil  ) Supplies and tools: • Organic Beeswax 2.5 oz • Organic Shea Butter 1 oz • Organic Cocoa Butter 1 oz • Organic Sweet…

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Lizzo “Juice” Performance on The Ellen Show Jan. 2019

If you’re not yet familiar with the talented, hilarious, body-positive, stunning singer Lizzo, I think her recent performance on The Ellen Show is the perfect introduction. On Tuesday, the 30-year-old had Ellen, her audience, and likely everyone watching at home on their feet while belting out her new hit “Juice” — the high-energy, feel-good anthem is already enough to have you moving and grooving, but you’ll also be in awe at how Lizzo holds the crowd in the palm of her hand. Another thing you need to know about Lizzo…

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Interesting Thing of the Day

I have always enjoyed finding (or making) connections between things that don’t seem to go together. So I have a special fondness for metaphor—especially when it’s indirect and novel. A number of years ago, a friend suggested we go out to dinner together. I asked what kind of place he had in mind, and he said, “Oh, I was thinking we’d go to a green restaurant.” I didn’t know what relevance a restaurant’s color could have, and the usual metaphorical meanings of green (“environmentally sensitive,” “inexperienced,” “nauseated,” etc.) didn’t seem…

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How to Throw an Amazing Friendsgiving

How to Throw an Amazing Friendsgiving   iStock/AleksandarNakic Wether you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, or just want to show your friends a good time, having a Friendsgiving celebration is a fine idea. We want to help you throw the best Friendsgiving celebration possible, so we reached out to a handful of food, drink, and decorating experts to find out how to keep your party on-trend and on-budget. Think before you start The most important thing for any party is to edit and simplify your initial vision, says Laura Boyd,…

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These 10 Travel Gadgets Will Revolutionize Your Vacation

Traveling and vacationing can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. It is a time to relax, a time to explore new cultures and new exotic places. A great vacation takes you away from all the stresses and concerns of your life. But, at the same time, travel can be a massively stressful activity. Even packing can be difficult. I remember the last time I went on vacation, in the hotel I realized I had forgotten to pack many important items, items that would have saved me a lot of trouble.…

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ISIS launches 2nd chemical attack in Mosul in 2 days, injures 6 Iraqi soldiers — RT News

  Publishedtime: 17 Apr, 2017 04: 49Editedtime: 17 Apr, 2017 04: 54 Atthe very least 6 Iraqi soldiers have actually experienced breathing issues complying with a chemical assault introduced by Islamic State onSunday This is the 2nd time in 2 days that the terrorists have actually utilized chemical representatives to press back federal government pressures inMosul Thechemical assault on Sunday happened in a recently-liberated location of Mosul, where the Federal Police and also Rapid Response pressures are progressing in the direction of the old city which is still wandering with…

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canadian News 

Canada jumps on bandwagon of countries mulling tougher Russia sanctions — RT News

  Canada’s head of state states he will certainly take into consideration striking Russia with stiffer assents in the middle of the Syrian dilemma, after the United States as well as UK claimed they were weighing the very same opportunity. It comes as G7 nations prepare to go over the subject throughout a conference inItaly PrimeMinister Justin Trudeau claimed on Monday that he thinks “Russiahas to know, warned of its duty in the bloody activities recently by the Assad program as well as as a result we are constantly open…

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