Meet the “Yoga Joes”. Green Army Men Toys that make you go for the healthy lifestyle

If a bunch of green army toys can do it, you can do it as well. This is the message Dan Abramson wanted to send out through these funny and quirky Yoga Joes. “Joe” from “any Joe can do it”, probably. Well, maybe not. Experience has taught us that leading a healthy life is God-damned hard. Still, these can serve as a very good present for those at the beginning of their Yoga lessons. So, put that muscle to work, baby and go for that healthy lifestyle which will save…

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Organic Recipes 

Ancient Tamil Foods | The Forgotten Tamil Cuisine

What did ancient Tamils eat? Let’s take a look at some of our traditional Tamil foods. Join us at WikiTamil: To watch more Tamil cuisine videos, SUBSCRIBE to TAMILS: Host: Santhosh Kumar D source

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Butt Workouts 

50 Bridge Challenge [Effective Butt Workout At Home]

50 Bridge Challenge [Effective Butt Workout At Home] Welcome to the one of the most effective butt exercises out there! The Bridge works your glutes and your hips and is ideally suited to be performed at home! It also helps if you’re squeezing your butt while performing this exercise. This video works well as a Bridge counter, i.e. an effective way to count down your bridge repetitions! Good luck and let me know in the comments below if you managed to perform the whole challenge! P.S. While this exercises targets…

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Anthropologie's Sister Brand, Terrain, Has Us Hooked With Its Summer-Ready Outdoor Planters

Now that we’re in the midst of Spring, the rising temperatures may have you lusting for backyard barbecues, cocktails by the pool, and above all, warm evenings. Before we race to pull our patio furniture out of storage, one easy and simple way to upgrade a dismal outdoor area is with the help of plants and planters. A backyard filled with botanicals is a great way to channel the long-awaited Summer season, and the cost surely beats one of a landscape project. If you’re ready to have a lush exterior…

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Complimentary Cocktail Pop-Ups : Cocktail Pop-Up

Bombay Sapphire’s Pop-Up Trades Compliments for Cocktails In collaboration with the Be At One bar chain, Bombay Sapphire is hosting a cocktail pop-up that encourages people to be kind to one another—and get rewarded with a drink for doing so. For a limited time, the pop-up is inviting people to “Give a compliment, get a cocktail” at a phone booth stationed on the streets of London. The blue phone box is a place to broadcast a compliment to someone else and get treated to a voucher for at one of…

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How to Do Hanging Leg Raises Abs Exercise Tutorial Learn how to properly perform Hanging Leg Raises, the holy grail of core training and an awesome bodyweight abs exercise. You will: – Gain Gruesome Grip Strength – Upgrade Your Upper Body – Bulletproof Your Back – Develop Freakish Flexibility – Sculpt the Six-Pack of a Super Hero Visit to view fitness videos showing the complete 10-step progression system to master the hanging leg raise! source

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