My Friends Are Dead

My Friends Are Dead Illustrationby Angelica Alzona. Scrollingwith Instagram in bed a couple of months earlier, I saw a photo of my close friend Anthony *. Before my mind refined that I was taking a look at, I really felt a shock backwards and forwards my back. Anthony has actually been dead for practically 6 years. For a minute, he lived once more, uploading on Instagram. Thoughwe satisfied when we were 14 as well as continued to be close friends with university as well as our 20 s up till…

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Watch The Red Band Trailer For Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell’s "The House"

  Get a first look at the hilarious trailer, premiering exclusively on BuzzFeed. Sometimes parents get a little bored when their kids go off to college… Warner Brothers But Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell’s characters get a little broke when their daughter goes off to college, so they have to come up with a creative way to make ends meet.

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