Canadian MP gets brisk reminder of northern winter brutality as his water glass FREEZES SOLID — RT World News

Canada’s new Minister of Indigenous Services Seamus O’Regan came face-to-face with the cold hard truth of the Canadian climate when he attempted to take a sip of water at a press conference, only to realize it had iced over. A perplexed expression crossed O’Regan’s face as he lifted the glass and declared that the water was frozen solid, provoking laughter from the audience.The incident took place during a press conference in Ottawa, a slippery start to O’Regan’s appointment as the indigenous services minister.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new appointee is already……

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48 Hilarious Tweets About TV In 2018

#GLOW Season 2 has all the things I like best: neon leotards, unicorns, robots, musical numbers, squishy feelings stuff, dope-ass eye makeup, that kid from The Sandlot (also, you know, great writing and terrific performances and a whole bunch of complicated, interesting women). 05:28 AM – 14 Jul 2018 Source link

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