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Life Is Like A Cup Of Tea – Its All In How You Make It | My Tea Time To Night Time | Maitreyees

**** LINK TO WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS: **** **** INSTAGRAM:**** Tea & Coffee Station Video: Diwali Celebration Video: Life Is Like A Cup Of Tea – Its All In How You Make It | My Tea Collection & How I Use | Maitreyees Organic Black Tea Makaibari Second Flush: All Tulsi Teas of Organic India: Organic CTC Assam Apurva: Organic CTC Assam Deha’s: Organic CTC Natureland: Fabindia Organic Masala Tea: Organic Instant Coffee MOUNT HAGEN: tea, green tea,…

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How to Throw an Amazing Friendsgiving

How to Throw an Amazing Friendsgiving   iStock/AleksandarNakic Wether you can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, or just want to show your friends a good time, having a Friendsgiving celebration is a fine idea. We want to help you throw the best Friendsgiving celebration possible, so we reached out to a handful of food, drink, and decorating experts to find out how to keep your party on-trend and on-budget. Think before you start The most important thing for any party is to edit and simplify your initial vision, says Laura Boyd,…

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Who Are the First Men on Game of Thrones?

  In the seventh season of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is determined to woo Daenerys Targaryen. And we mean “woo” in many senses. Sure, we’re low-key hoping they get married (even though they’re related), but we’re also hoping they join forces to fight off the approaching White Walker army that draws closer with each passing day. In the fourth episode of the season, Jon Snow takes another stab at winning over the Mother of Dragons: he takes her into his newfound dragonglass cave to show her some supercool cave…

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United Airlines forcibly removes a man from an overbooked flight

  MANY airlines habitually overbook flights, working on the assumption that a few passengers will always cancel at the last minute. By selling more tickets than seats, they can ensure their flights are full even when there are no-shows. Sometimes that calculation misfires and airlines have to bump passengers. There is a right and a wrong way to do this. The option United Airlines plumped for on April 9th would strike most as the wrong way. According to the Courier-Journal, after passengers had boarded a service from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, the…

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