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How to Make Mini Crustless Quiches | Organic Valley Recipes

How to Make Mini Crustless Quiches Need a quick and healthy breakfast idea? Try these Mini Crustless Quiches! Start with five eggs, heavy whipping cream and salt and pepper. Blend it up! Prep a muffin tin with butter or ghee. Add in chopped broccoli, ham and swiss cheese. Cover with the egg mixture and bake for about 18 to 20 minutes. And enjoy! For more great recipes check out our website at Lose Weight Fast

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9 Healthy Fat Recipes to Boost Brain Health

Keto dieters, look no further. *Affiliate disclosure.  For many years, fat was unfairly demonized, and it’s time to set the record straight. Experts now assert that fat is, in fact, good for you, and some even point to the high-fat keto diet as the ultimate anti-inflammatory protocol – and one of the best ways you can take control of your health, lose weight, and even prevent cancer. That said… there are a few caveats. Some types of fat are healthier than others, like omega fatty acids. Our bodies are incapable…

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Eating healthy!!! Simple homemade pizza

Hey y’all! So here’s an easy way to eat pizza that still taste good, and really healthy for you. My household has changed our diet up, and where finding alternatives to eat our favorite meals and meals we like without having to cut it out of our diet. Hope you enjoyed this video 🥰 Products used: (all from sprouts super market) Flatzza individual flat pizza bread Sprouts brand organic pizza sauce Minced garlic Pizza seasoning Boars head turkey pepperoni Salmon fillet Organic valley shredded mozzarella cheese Boars head smoked Gouda…

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