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Join the Organic Authority community! Get inspired. Engage. Have fun. Dear Organic Authority Readers, We have embarked on quite the wellness journey! Together, we’ve become smart, educated, conscious consumers that demand clean, transparent products. We’ve become power label readers — whether it’s the food we pick off the store shelves, or the personal care or natural beauty products we slather on our skin daily. Or the many other products we thoughtfully choose to bring into our homes and lives like sustainably made homewares, linens, and clothing. And if there isn’t…

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How to make organic Fertilizer for your Orchids

Hello guys! I just want to share to you how I made my Organic Fertilizer for my Dendrobium Orchids. I first dried the Banana peeling for 3 weeks under the sun. Before I put it on the blender I cut it into small pieces. For about 6 months this is what I am using on my Dendroibum Orchids. And so far I have good results on to it. The Dendrobium that I showed on the video have 4 keikis! And its very healthy! If you have any questions pls comment…

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