The 4 Best Air Fryers After Reading Every Air Fryer Review

Fat-free frying is no oxymoron. Here are four best air fryers.Fried food without the grease? It seems too good to be true! But that’s what air fryers promise: crispy texture, tons of flavor, and a fraction of the fat of fried.Despite their name – and their promise – air fryers are actually more closely linked to convection ovens than to deep-fat fryers. The countertop devices work by circulating hot air around the food inside, cooking in a fraction of the time as an oven and ostensibly creating the crisp exterior…

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Organic Recipes 

Supermarket shopping with Semantic Light – with Philips

This video showcases an application of the Semantic Light’s “Point Click and Connect” (PCC) technology to supermarket shopping. By pointing their phone towards products, customers can receive additional information like ingredients, recipes, coupons etc. Alternatively to pointing we also implemented a “physical search” functionality, allowing shoppers to visualize directly the products on a shelf that are satisfying specific search criteria, e.g. “Organic”, “Coffee” etc. Illumination sources used in this testbed include both projectors and programmable led strips from Philips. The testbed has been deployed at Philips Lighting, in the Innovation…

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