Why do calisthenics athletes have skinny legs? Why does anyone have skinny legs? Do you skip leg day? If you’re a calisthenics athlete, you’ve been accused of skipping leg day at least 28 times. Calisthenics athletes are criticized for focusing on mainly upper body exercises and neglecting LEGS! Is there any truth to these claims? Are calisthenics athletes more likely to skip leg day resulting in tiny paper thin skinny legs; than other fitness groups? Eh who cares!?! No matter if you do calf exercises or a calf workout your…

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20 Homemade Snacks to Pack on an Airplane

Atthe top of your checklist of what to pack for a trip ought to be something extremely important: treats. Because allow’s admit it – plane food is not the most effective (there’s a factor Gordon Ramsay would never eat it). Packing your favored homemade treats guarantees you will not experience midflight appetite, as well as you’ll have a lot more power to obtain with a lengthy traveling day. Skip the store-bought scrap on your following journey as well as select filling up treats like great smoky almonds, baked kale chips,…

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