Speed, Agility, Quickness Ladder Drills for Runners (Part One)

Want to improve your form and help prevent injuries while training for your next race? Here is the first in a series of videos I’ll be publishing over the next few weeks. This one focuses on basic ladder drills for speed, agility, and quickness training. Subscribe to my channel to receive notifications of future videos! Want to learn something specific, comment below! Or email me at peaceluvnrun@gmail.com source

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3D abs training motivation | FITNESS BEAST OFFICIAL™

3D abs training motivation | FITNESS BEAST OFFICIAL™ Strengthening your entire core is not only crucial for sculpting a flat stomach, but these muscles also provide support for the entire body in everyday movements, reduce back pain, and improve posture. Plus, planks burn more calories than sit-ups or crunches because they recruit muscles in the legs, arms, and rear too. SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL AND CLICK ON THE BELL ICON FOR FITNESS MOTIVATION, WOMEN AND MEN WORKOUT AND LATEST BEST AMAZING VIDEOS. check this out:- fastest treadmill runner in the world…

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Killer leg workout in only 2 minutes!

The 2 Minute Meltdown is the hott new way to get in amazing shape using only your body weight. Every month a new video will be released starting March 1st 2010. Also the must have book The 2 minute Meltdown will be released Summer 2010. Stay tuned and hit it hard. source

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Speed Training | Kbands Leg Resistance Bands | Overspeed Training

kbandstraining.com/sports-specific-drills/ Combine alternate training equipment and techniques for the best results. Check out all of our speed training videos and create the perfect athletic training routine that suites your needs. We have 1000’s of sports specific training that will take your performance to the next level. source

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5 Fantastic New Cookbooks to Check Out for Fall (Comfort Food, Plant-Based Cooking, and More!)

5 Fantastic New Cookbooks iStock/koldunova Looking for inspiration in your fall kitchen? Then we’ve got just the thing. These five new cookbooks are filled with healthful, delicious recipes perfect for cooler weather. Whether you’re in the mood for plant-based recipes, sustainable seafood, or classic comfort food, we’ve got the book for you. 1. “Souping is the New Juicing,” by Cherie Calbom There’s maybe nothing that says fall more loudly than soup. “Souping is the New Juicing” is the newest book from best-selling author and nutrition authority Cherie Calbom, M.S., featuring a host…

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Fitness Training Basics : How to Build Leg Strength

Buildmuscle mass stamina with normal leg workouts. Discover straightforward leg enhancing workouts with ideas from a licensed fitness instructor in this complimentary exercise video clip. Expert: MikeQuebec Bio: Mike Quebec is a licensed fitness instructor from the North American Sport Savate Association of American boxing as well as kickboxing. Filmmaker: BingHu source

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