What You Get (and What You Don’t) From a $50 Amazon Fire

  After testing Amazon’s Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 for a week, here’s my verdict: These cheap tablets are ideal for families with children who treat gadgets like toys that can be slammed on a table or thrown against the ground. But if you’re an adult who needs to get the slightest amount of work done on a tablet, you should probably spend the extra money on a big-screen smartphone or an iPad. Continue reading the main story Here’s what you need to know about what you get —…

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Organic Recipes 

OBAMA Care Solution – Healthy VEGAN Food Recipes Restaurants Organic Whole Vegetarian peta hsus (have to see agriculture), (all-natural dishes), (FIND dining establishments + stores around the world),,, (Dietician), (Drsfor avoidance over costly-less efficient pet examined tablets), Healthy, (Volunteer/Donate), … source

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nefertiti News 

Are Archaeologists About to Find Nefertiti’s Tomb?

  A fresh attempt to discover more secrets in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings offers a tantalizing reward—the tomb of one of history’s most beguiling female monarch. The hunt has begun on for the “discovery of the century.” A team of Italian archeologists announced this week that they have started work on documenting the mysterious Valley of the Kings. Next month the team plans to enter the tomb of the boy-king Tutankhamun and scan the tomb for secret chambers. Their ultimate goal is to find the legendary final resting place…

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